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» Friday, November 14, 2014
Frantic Friday

Today's been just a three-ring circus.

We were awoken at 7:45 by the H.H. Gregg guys telling us the television would be delivered in 40 minutes. I got dressed and dusted; gawd, I did this last week and there are dust drifts again. The two guys came in, moved the old unit outside, plugged in the new unit and attached the DVD player, etc., gave us the paperwork, and were on their way. The remote fits in my hand! And it has a laser pointer to make selections. And the picture is gorgeous, but so was the old one (when it turned on) and I really, really didn't want to buy a new television right now.

We got it minimally set up for Snowy (he broke into song when it came on), walked Tucker, then went to Mobility Works to fetch pickup truck, lift, and chair. We were shown how to work the lift and the security bar, and then we were off for home. We didn't stay there long because while we were waiting for our rep, Scott, to get to us, I was giving poor Twilight the once over: he was grimy and forlorn looking. So I pulled  the grocery and insulated bags, "Fred the traveling pillow" and the blanket, the Bracketron, the Kleenex, the wastebasket, and all the other car junk out and James followed me to "Mr. Clean" because we had an idea to go to Lowe's to get a cover or a tarp for the chair (and then I could look at that Christmas tree again). (We ended up not going; we figured we could do it another time because we weren't planning to take the chair out much in the next week.) We did test using the lift and the chair at Golden Corral for lunch. The "joystick" is very nippy. Meanwhile, the food at Golden Corral gets saltier all the time.

So we got home and I had to put everything back into the car, and James got in the chair and took Tucker for a walk with it. Tucker actually wanted to ride, not to walk, so he got the chair inside, and thankfully all the garage rearranging I did on Veterans Day worked out because the truck fit nicely with the extra 20 inches of folded ramp on its butt. Meanwhile I took terrier-wit for more walkies.

We had a small supper and messed around with the television; it's like trying to fly Concorde. I did find out how to block out the channels we don't watch, and finally got the antenna in a good-enough position to see Doctor Who, which was the final two parts of "The Time Monster," the next-to-the-last story with Roger Delgado as the Master before his fatal car accident.

James gave the kitchen a scrub and I took Tucker out and now I'm falling asleep so will go off to my downy pillows..."feathers"!

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