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» Sunday, November 16, 2014
Descent Into Rain
Sadly, the bed here is not as good as the one in the cabin last year ("Creek Fever," a couple of cabins down the dirt lane); the other was much firmer and had better pillows), but at least I didn't have to climb into it. I felt like Tenzig Norgay last year. This cabin doesn't have a drawer front falling off, a broken can opener, and other problems, and the hardwood floor in this one ("A Love Shack"--I know, that's so wet, as the Brits say) is fabulous. However, we were both so tired last night that we fell asleep not noticing there was a window in the loft bedroom. But the light woke us up! And, miraculously, we slept fairly well.

After Tucker had his walk, we started out to breakfast. Trish's Place isn't open on Sunday, so we dropped our registration papers off at the office and went to the Mountain Lodge, which was recommended to us. It was a good breakfast, but not as good as Trish's. Then we went through our favorite back route to Sevierville, full of farmhouses and cattle and little Baptist churches, marked with fading fall leaves but surprising bits of color, autumn decor on some homes, and a nice sense of peace, except when the crazy Tennessee drivers pass us. These people drive so quickly on these narrow roads!

We spent an hour at the Tennessee Aviation Museum, which was a refuge from the rain that had finally started in earnest. James bought a lovely Thunderbolt T-shirt and some Christmas ornaments as we exited.

Since the weather report is talking about ominous black ice on Tuesday, we stopped at Kroger for extra suppers and a lunch, and some peppermint cocoa from Starbucks. Then we had a late lunch/early supper at Mel's Diner. The food here is fabulous. I had mesquite beef bits with their onion rings (best onion rings ever) and applesauce. James had meatloaf.

From there we tried to stop at the Incredible Christmas Place, but the place was SRO because of the rain. As we walked around the smaller Christmas place, my back started giving me fits (it's been cramping since yesterday) and we just went on to do a quick recce of the Book Warehouse. My back gave out in earnest before we were even done and we had a scary ride up the East Parkway because the numbskull behind us had his brights on and it was reflecting off the fog drifting over the road; James was finding it hard to see with the glare in his eyes. I had my heart in my mouth several times despite him being a good driver.

Thankfully we got in safely and because everything on television is rubbish or stuff we'd already seen and James didn't want to listen to Sounds of the Seasons while we read, we have been listening to Cabin Pressure (the BBC radio series with Roger Allam and Benedict Cumberbatch) while drinking our hot chocolate. (The final episode of the series airs at Christmas! Must keep a lookout for it.)

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