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» Saturday, October 04, 2014
There and There...and There...and Back Again

A good thing it was a quiet day at work on Friday, because we've been bouncing about since then. I got home at 4:30, walked Tucker and he did all his good dogs, fed him while I changed clothes, and I waited for James to get in. Of course, he got caught on a late call (ironically they had told him to leave early, because he had to work late another night, and he ended up staying late again) and didn't make it home until almost six. ::sigh:: So I missed classic Doctor Who again; they're on Pertwee now, and he was my first Doctor and I still love him. But we had things to do.

Supper was at SteviB's, because we get a cheap supper (they give senior rates). It had rained earlier and been cloudy most of the day, but it seemed to be clearing up. Suddenly the clouds were back, it poured for less than five minutes, and then the clouds scurried off, the ones left forming big buttery peaks in the late afternoon sunlight. Then we went into Barnes & Noble so I could get a refund. Last week when I bought the three books, I was also charged for three things I didn't buy—I was feeling so wiped by the time we left that I didn't check my receipt. Two items were toys (!!!) and the other was a Top Gear item; I hate Top Gear. They figure it was some sort of mistake in the register. So they gave me a refund, but I ended up buying two more Christmas magazines. It almost evened up. :-) I saw the new Sleepy Hollow novel, but will wait until I have another coupon.

We also stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond because I noticed on Tuesday that the fan that I have next to my side of the bed had died completely. I had checked online, and it said the store at Town Center had one left, so I marched in with my coupon, only to find all the summer stuff wiped from the store and the space heaters out. (This is preposterous. We're in Georgia, where it's been 70 degrees on Christmas Day. Keep some fans in the store, willya?) The fans had been sent back to the distributor. So they ordered one for me, but I was at least able to use my coupon. I felt bad for the poor guy helping me; he'd been there since six this morning and it was after eight; he was rather punchy.

It was cool outside after the rain earlier in the day (we had a cool front coming through), and we drove home with the windows down. It was almost too cold! James took Tucker out about nine and he said it was too cold for him with a T-shirt and shorts. It was nice being able to go out and refill the bird feeders without sweltering.

We woke this morning to 50 degrees F. I took Tucker outside and it was lovely! Actually it was too lovely; I needed a jacket, but I managed to finish the walk without one. I grabbed my light jacket and also my pashmina.

Then the flittering began: first to the bank to take care of some business. Then we were off to Merchant's Walk and Betsy's Hallmark for the October ornament premiere. James bought the Blackbird [jet] and the Delorean [the 2015 flying model], and the 1989 Batmobile, and also a Magic Cord which was on sale today. I bought a stuffed [cough] for [cough] and a [cough] star for [cough].

All we'd had for breakfast was a BelVita bar apiece, so we figured it was about time for lunch. We decided to go to the cafe at Whole Foods where they had a buffet. I had a cup of minestrone, a slice of brisket, and some roast potatoes, and James had some chicken soup, curry chicken, corn, and yellow rice, and we both had water, and shared a cucumber and tomato salad. James said the chicken soup tasted too much of onion and the brisket was a little tough, but the minestrone was fabulous, not overly seasoned as they usually are, James loved the curry chicken, and the salad was a complete surprise, because I love these, but they are always so vinegary. This had a very mild vinegar taste that did not even come up on me. It was such a full lunch we decided to call it dinner and just nosh tonight.

For a chaser I bought two Granny Smith apples and we also bought some specialty granola that was not overly sweetened; in most of them the sweet comes from fruit in the mix; others have just a tiny bit of sorghum sweetener. Most granola tastes like a sugar bowl; this really tastes of oats and fruit. The apples were good, too, nice and sour! Back outside we were treated to air warm enough that I could ditch the jacket and just toss the pash over my shoulders. It came in handy while in shady areas.

I had some Michaels coupons, so we went to Michaels for some craft supplies I needed for gifts I want to make. I got so sick of jewelry, especially when all three of us were working in jewelry shops [as in factory, not store], that I can hear my mom laughing at the irony of me working willingly with links and beads and necklace chains. :-)

We also stopped briefly at Trader Joe's and CVS; only I went in. We had forgotten to pick up chicken sausage last week and I also got James a few more boxes of pumpkin bars to put away, since they'll go away by Christmas. We also had a CVS coupon, which was a good opportunity to buy more BreathRights. Our next-to-the-last stop was the cleaner. James got his shirts, but they apparently couldn't fix his kilt, and they'd forgotten to clean it!

Our last stop was at Baskin Robbins, because since we'd already had dinner, we had dessert!

Alas, it was only the last stop on this trip. I brought the things inside, refrigerated the sausage and James' lunch, and then we went to Kroger to do the weekly shopping. The store looked crowded, but we had no trouble checking out. I got some turkey to make for tomorrow night's dinner, and there was the usual milk and bananas.

Then finally we got to light! Oh, and open the door and a few of the windows, too, and now it's time for Britcoms.

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