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» Sunday, October 12, 2014
The Saturday Stuff

We went to the Farmer's Market this morning for the first time in a long time. We arrived to find big signs: "Event parking, $10." We don't want to go to the event, dammit. However, city parking is free on weekends, so we went around the back of Johnny McCracken's and parked there. The tents were lined up near the courthouse, so even if we had found a parking space in the usual place, James would have had to hike. We didn't buy much, just some chicken salad, boiled peanuts, bacon from the Pine Street Market. We'd planned to have breakfast at the Australian Bakery Cafe, but it was starting to rain, which was really bad news for the event, which is called "Chalkfest" and was for street chalk artists. We got there just as they had finished chalking out the various areas, and the artists were just starting to work as we left.

We decided to go find the mobility center so that we could see how much the carry ramp will cost for the truck. It was kind of sobering, even though I'd looked up prices online. For one thing, we really liked a unit called a "Chariot," but the guy said they weren't selling them any longer because of numerous mechanical failures. He also told me my car can't tow anything. (Funny. It says 1000 pounds online, just enough to carry a chair.) But we can't get the chair till we get the ramp, and we can't get the ramp until the bank completes our loan. "For want of a nail the horse was lost..." and all that.

James got me back home in time that he could go to lunch with the guys and attend his club meeting. I was feeling a bit puny and definitely headachy, but went back by the book sale to see if there were any good leftovers. I got six more books, reported here in "Cozy Nook." When I finished there I went off to Publix because they had Brawny paper towels on sale. I also got some chicken and wild rice soup for lunch, and got a deal on some box potatoes: there was a coupon for Betty Crocker potatoes on the coupon stand, buy three boxes, get a dollar off. But on the back of the store flyer, you got a dollar off on Betty Crocker potatoes if you bought meat. I always check to see if they have lamb because they have the cheapest lamb. I found some nice lamb. Oh, and the box potatoes were a dollar a box. So I got three boxes for a dollar, and there's lamb for supper one night. Excellent.

James came home feeling tired out, so we just ordered in: wings for me and Chinese for him, and we watched That's Entertainment! before Doctor Who came on. Why look, the Doctor has jelly babies! Hm. Another story about a soldier. What's the "piont," as they used to say on Ask the Manager?

By the time Who ended, I had a headache that would kill a horse. Didn't even bother going on chat, but crawled into bed at the first opportunity.

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