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» Saturday, October 18, 2014
"The Chores Are a Circle Without a Beginning..."

No sleeping late for us this morning, sadly. James had to be into work by ten, and we had to be at the bank by nine. We are taking out a home equity loan to pay for our share of James' power chair and the lift on the truck. Our loan officer understood James had to leave by 9:15 and let us in five minutes early and had us out of there by 9:15. Of course we had the same loan with the last house, which we'd used for the siding and the roof, so we pretty much knew the routine.

James went off to work, and I went off to Michael's with a coupon, except I knew they weren't open yet. Instead I went to Costco, intending to buy milk and Skinny Pop, except they've stopped carrying the latter again. Much gnashing of teeth, as they still have that awful Boom-Chicka-Pop crap, which is tough and dry. I got the milk anyway, put it into the insulated bag, and went into Michael's to pick up two tiny things for some gifts I am making. I needed Chex Snack Mix anyway, to put in my lunch for work, and I got that and the Skinny Pop at Sam's Club. I also bought gas there, because it was $2.999 a gallon.

My final stop was Publix, to drop off the plastic bags for recycling, so I'd pretty much made a big circle since 8:45. Am spending the afternoon cleaning up, running the dishwasher, vacuuming, dubbing off The Roosevelts, keeping Tucker and Snowy company, and maybe finishing re-reading The Years With Ross.

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