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» Friday, October 24, 2014
Taking It All Into Account

Important things first: sleeping in, walking the dog, and breakfast. Then I had to go to the bank to complete getting the loan so James can get his power chair and the lift on the truck (which will cost more than our share of the chair). Now the money had to go into James' bank, so I called him, hoping he might be able to take lunch and go deposit the check. But they were slammed.

I finished the book The Pierced Heart, which, despite the wonderful atmospheric description of 19th century Europe, turned out to be a bore, and then spent early afternoon finishing watching a British comedy called In the Doghouse that was on "Oldie Goldie" when I came in. It starred Leslie Phillips as a veterinarian who takes over another man's practice while one of his old classmates opens a vet clinic around the corner with all sorts of hokey rubbish, like dog psychiatry and hypnotism (not to mention making out with every gorgeous woman he hires). Phillips' character meets a pretty chorus girl and her pet chimpanzee, and the rapacious vet almost gets him in trouble, but in the end he's able to save a bunch of horses about to be shipped for France for horsemeat, and there's a sweet scene with an elderly lady whose dog he has to put to sleep. I'd finally started working in my craft room when James showed up.

So we went to his bank: the tellers are behind the wall! Really, you see them through a computer screen. No face-to-face at all. Very weird.

Next we stopped at Walmart to see if we could find the strap-on bicycle rack we saw on another car coming home from Ellijay last week. All they had were types that had to be permanently mounted. We did get some Thanksgiving cards.

By the time we got up to Town Center, it was suppertime, so we went to the Panera/Chipotle combo near Rooms to Go. I had my usual (chicken soup and a bagel) and he had some steak concoction. I got done ordering my food first and went out to the tables behind Panera; I was the only one out there except for a small flock of sparrows. The moment I sat down two bold ones hopped to within a couple of feet of me, looking up in bright interest. I started tossing them bits of baguette. Then someone came outside to throw the trash and they sped away. James joined me and we ate companionably, enjoying the cool air and the nice breeze. I tossed out more bits of baguette, but the sparrows didn't come back for a good fifteen minutes, and then they were in the nearby trees, cheeping. I started giving little whistles, and eventually they came back, one by one, led by one very bold fellow who perched on the iron fencing that separated the patio area from the sidewalk and observed us, just a little more than arm's length away from me. Cheeky little guy. Soon he was eating the bits of bread with the others, and, as we left the table, they were under it eating some corn, rice, and beans James had spilled. Birdy feast!

We did a bit of a round, first to JoAnn to spend coupons (Command hooks), then to Michaels for the same thing (bits for craft pieces). James had his 2nd and Charles gift card with him, but he had forgotten the Rollator and he was hurting, so we just came home through the park. It was early enough to watch Jeopardy and then parts four and five of "Colony in Space" on Doctor Who. After that I finished reading Jacqueline Winspear's The Care and Maintenance of Lies, a novel about a newlywed British couple who are separated by the First World War.

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