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» Sunday, October 26, 2014
So Many Errands, So Little Time

This would have been a good day to sleep in. But we didn't...too much to do.

Tucker had a nice walk, but we wanted to get to Kroger before the crowd got there, so the poor guy got popped back into his crate, along with his breakfast. I ran out without eating and regretted it; there's nothing worse than grocery shopping when you're hungry—surrounded by food you can't eat. I was irritated to discover Kroger had only five containers left of my favorite yogurt and the stock guy said he didn't see any more, or any more on order. Grr. Just what I wanted, another trip to Publix. We did get chicken breast on a twofer, so once we got the groceries home we tossed them in the crock pot with cream of mushroom soup, a little miso broth, and parsley and chives. [Later: frankly, it was disappointing. Over six hours cooking and it still tasted like dry old chicken breast.] We both had a little breakfast and brought some grapes to snack on in the car.

Despite talking to Emma about it last night, I completely forgot about the Jonquil Festival, and we were filling up the truck at Kroger when I remembered it. The heat has come back, it was already in the high 70s, and it was quite uncomfortable already, and unfortunately we still had errands to run. One of the magazines I had bought last night I already had purchased. Thankfully, they let me return it for store credit, and I got the "Ideals"  Christmas issue instead. James had a 20 percent off coupon, so he got a book. We also went to Bed, Bath & Beyond so James could get a new carbon dioxide cylinder for the Soda Stream. By the time we got to the Jonquil Festival, it was hot (it went up to 84°F today) and there wasn't enough shade. We had lunch under the waning shadow of a tree, sitting at a table with two different couples; the older one was from Kentucky and here visiting their son, who just moved here. They were surprised by the heat; they've had frost where they live.

We walked around the booths and sampled the dips, and I oohed over a beautiful blue gemstone necklace and some beautiful butcher board cutting boards. Went by the library book sale, but this being later in the second day of the Festival, not many good books were left. Looked like someone had given away their entire collection of Science Fiction Book Club volumes: I saw names I recognized: Theodore Sturgeon, Clifford Simak, Poul Anderson... I did buy, for a single dollar, a nice oversized hardback in good shape called An Old-Fashioned Christmas. Sadly, most of it is recipes, but they are recipes from the profiled places: Colonial Williamsburg, Sleepy Hollow, the Mark Twain House, Greenfield Village, and other historic locations. It even has some sheet music for old Christmas carols. Also bought "Bite Your Finger" dog biscuits for Tucker.

The heat just leached the energy out of us and we came home exhausted. I finally gave up and turned the air conditioner back on. I hope it gets cool on Thursday like it's supposed to!

We had supper and watched the Hallowe'en episode of Tiny House Nation, which was kind of neat: they re-did three tiny houses in a tiny house community as haunted houses. Then a new episode of Alaska: the Last Frontier.

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