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» Sunday, October 12, 2014
Rain...No, Sun...No, Wait for It...

We slept in until ten. That was so nice. It would have been nicer if I hadn't wakened in the middle of the night and started thinking about trailer hitches and power chairs...never a good thing. Oh, and it was raining outside.

I walked out the door with the dog leash in one hand and an umbrella in the other. Our "rough, tough 'terror'" stepped out about five paces into the rain and looked back at me intreatingly. "Don't look at me. Go potty fast and we can go back in." Yea, verily, you can get a dog to relieve itself quickly: just take it out in the rain.

We wanted to go to the camper show, so we grabbed BelVita bars and drove out to Gwinnett County. This time the bar didn't do its job and we had to stop at Krystal before we got there; I was so hungry my head was throbbing. We had gotten rained on going out there (while listening to "The Splendid Table"), but it was only cloudy as we arrived.

We walked around the show for a couple of hours. They had mostly towables, some which were veritable palaces, but a few class As and Bs, including a retro Winnebago with some 21st century additions (a pullout tray in the passenger seat so you could use a laptop). (One Class A had a "doggie window" in the footwell of the passenger seat. Yeah, as if. Tucker would be in James' lap, trying to drive.) The smaller trailers were...well, small. We saw a couple of "half popups," which were basically a bed and a soft with a little air conditioner in the compartment. A couple of the popups had a toilet, and one a toilet/shower combo. I like that idea; not a problem showering in a campground shower, but having to trudge to the toilet there in the middle of the night isn't worth thinking of. The two that we could afford, and that the truck could haul, that I liked the best was one of the tiny trailers with just a bathroom, kitchen area, and table area, but with a popout for the bed rather than sleeping on the seat cushions, which to me makes it less claustrophobic and more liveable, and the A-frame trailer that had a popout on either side which wasn't claustrophobic either.

Anyway, trailers are moot, as the truck will have to haul the power chair now.

Bother. The sun was out again.

We stopped at Kroger and did the shopping on the way home. For supper we had breakfast: the bacon from Pine Street Market and buckwheat pancakes. Double yum. Watched America's Funniest Home Videos, the first two episodes of the Charlestown house on This Old House, and are now on Alaska: the Last Frontier.

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