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» Friday, October 10, 2014
It's Booksale Time!

Why, why, why...must I have to use the bathroom fifteen minutes before the alarm rings? And then I had to hit the ground running: dress, assemble, eat breakfast, walk Tucker. The sky was serrated with cirrus clouds that kept the sun away during the walk, but it came out as we re-entered the house. I did it all in time to arrive at Jim Miller Park at about ten minutes of nine and had to hunt up a parking space; I was going to park in the back, but the long line was blocking the driveway. I had to start a new row near the equestrian ring. The rodeo is this weekend, and along with the books, I had this cool experience!

Leaving the book sale, I headed for the Battle Ridge Kroger because my gas light was on. Gas was 3.199. ::boggle:: Once finished, I decided to go into Buckhead to the Barnes & Noble, although I looked at the time and worried if I'd run into lunch-hour traffic. Thankfully, it was very light, and the worst annoyance was a diesel-fume spewing truck in front of me. And when I got to the bookstore there was a parking space right out front!

But first, I was hungry and the coffee shop in Barnes & Noble doesn't have soup the way the one at West Cobb does. So I went into Publix next door, only to find out they had chili and cheddar broccoli. I bought a baguette and an apple instead.

Sadly, no luck in the bookstore. I guess they don't carry "Best of British" anymore either, and I didn't see "Victorian Homes." Maybe Books-a-Million will have it, or someone on my Christmas list will see it and I can ask if they can send it to me. I can't see either of the supermarkets having it. I did pick up the new Sleepy Hollow novel with my 20 percent off coupon. On my way home I stopped at Michael's and got a couple of things for a craft project and a Command hook to hang up my cross-stitch project holder. I saw an alphabet pattern book with a fall pattern and a nice Christmas and also a redwork pattern, so I had to grab it, as well as a 23rd Psalm one. Unfortunately Michael's won't let you use coupons on books, not even pattern books.

Came home to have lunch and then take Tucker in the back yard. I had laid my apple on the coffee table, intending to finish it after I'd finished his walk. Suddenly I heard a "thump!" and there was Tucker walking off with my apple!

James got home early due to working late earlier in the week; we had supper (turkey! cucumber and tomato salad!) at the West Cobb Diner after narrowly escaping an accident. We were in the parking lot and had slowed down to approach a space right in front of the diner when this woman driving an SUV just zoomed past us; I looked right at her in the driver's seat and it was as if she didn't even notice us. Probably yapping on a cell phone. Idiot. Checked out the Barnes & Noble at West Cobb after eating, and James sat in the truck for five minutes while I checked out the new scents at Yankee Candle. They have something called Pumpkin Ginger Bark which is quite intriguing, and I think "North Pole" is peppermint scented, although the Peppermint Bark candle is stronger. I need a new tumbler of Cinnamon Stick; they have Cinnamon and Sugar out all year, but it's just too darned sweet smelling. I'd like to combine their chocolate layer cake scent and the coffee scent—it would smell just like a family gathering when I was a kid.

Finally we bought ice cream for dessert, and then headed home.

Tucker spent the rest of the evening bouncing off walls after having such a quiet day. I watched parts five and six of "Inferno" on Doctor Who and looked through my new books, and thought about those lovely horses trotting about the ring and the woman riding them so effortlessly. Made me feel like a kid again.

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