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» Sunday, October 19, 2014
A Great Day for a Festival

I don't get up at seven on a Sunday willingly, but today was different. It was wash, dress, walk the dog (under a beautiful dawn sky, the brightening blue striped liberally with pink clouds from one horizon to the other, with a silver scythe of a moon hanging over the roof of the house), and finally shove the Rollator into the back of my car so we could head up to Ellijay for the Apple Festival. We stopped by Publix for cash and Burger King for breakfast (thank God you can get plain oatmeal now; the first batch I ever got had those fake blueberries in it and was dreadful), and then headed north.

It was just a plain wonderful day: Sunny, but only about 50°F when we arrived. I discarded my jacket anyway and just went with my pashmina; it was a bit chilly until we started walking, but I didn't much care as long as I wasn't warm. There was a wonderful breeze, too, that made the pash flap. We had a grand stroll around the Lion's Club fairgrounds, sampled dip and cocoa and jams, checked out the pretty crafts, and enjoyed the nice cool air. James did really well; we didn't stop all that much; our longest break was for lunch in which we had meat "sundaes": I had turkey and James had beef, served over mashed potatoes, with gravy, shredded cheese and a cherry tomato on top. (We both decided it was good, but too much potatoes, and neither of us finished the potatoes. They were real mashed potatoes, though, with chunks of potato in with the mash.)

We bought the second and last batch of Ginny's Fudge (they won't be at the Jonquil Festival), some of the lovely soft caramels we got last year at the Jonquil Festival, a half-dozen cider doughnuts because James likes them, peppermint cocoa, and a container of ginger pickles (yah, I though of Beatrix Potter, too). James bought himself a new leather wallet, a grey Stetson sun hat, and an anniversary gift for me, a sweatshirt with a chickadee amongst fall leaves and snowflakes on it. It was just starting to get too warm (high 60s) when we headed back to the car. On the way home we stopped at the edge of Ellijay at Panorama Orchards and bought a peck of Granny Smith apples, a bag of onions, and an apple pie, and each had an apple on the way home, listening to, as we did on the way up, "The Splendid Table." Ran into one mystery jam, but made it home okay, if still feeling a bit sunburnt.

For the rest of the afternoon, Tucker played cat and wanted on and off the deck. Snowy sang. I finished some book reviews. James paid some bills.

Had pizza for supper, and watched the 25th edition of "Treehouse of Horror" on The Simpsons (the first one with Bart going to Hell was the best, since we all figured he was going to end up there anyway), and then Alaska: the Last Frontier.

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