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» Sunday, January 26, 2014
Wishful Thinking and Realities

Hark, the dog does bark! James got up at seven, I got up at eight, and he got up again at nine and stayed up. I slept till ten and still felt in need of sleep. Cleaned up the bathroom and had a bagel with veggie spread on it for breakfast. Willow still waffled about what she wanted to eat and turned up her nose at the last of the chicken and rice, and didn't want plain rice, either.

All this meant we didn't get out to the RV show until after eleven. We walked around for about two hours, mostly looking at the little ones: pop-ups (a couple which have a "cassette" toilet, which means it's in a little enclosure; some have a combination with a shower where you can whip a shower curtain around you), the A-frames (which I like because you don't feel claustrophobic), and the small trailers less than three thousand pounds which is what the truck can pull. Those are the most claustrophobic, and some I don't even know how anyone sleeps in them. I don't mean chubby cubbies like us, I mean healthy weight, normal height human beings! I can't see some six foot guy and five eight woman being able to stretch out in one of the beds in these things.

The most claustrophobic were these tiny "teardrop" trailers. Basically it looks like a Pullman bunk, room for a double bed. At the rear is a kitchen unit. Only about four feet tall and maybe seven feet long. Claustrophobia incorporated.

So then we wandered through "Fantasyland," a.k.a. the big buses. Pretty slick. One had French doors into a separate den with a fireplace, and the bedroom and bath were up three steps. We only looked at one Class C (the kind that looks like it's built on a pickup truck), which were the ones I liked best last time.

It's all Fantasyland anyway, because we can't afford any of them.

On the way home we went past MicroCenter and got me an OEM copy of Windows 7. Ouch.

Then we stopped at both H.H.Gregg and Sears to look at convection microwaves. The Sharps they are selling are very small. There was a Kenmore the size of our dead one. But we wanted to shop around more, so we just got a cheap microwave so we can warm up things.

I checked out new units online. The Kenmore is the cheapest, and if we want another Sharp it's over $500. I keep thinking: at that rate, wouldn't it be cheaper to just save up and get a new stove with a convection oven? I loved the Sharp and it did keep the kitchen cooler during the summer, but it was awkward to cook in because of the way the kitchen is set up, and it was huge. James deserves a decent kitchen range, and he'd love to have one with a grill on the top. I just wanted to get a new dishwasher first, because the one we have sucks big ones. It only has one washing arm and sounds like a truck. We miss the Bosch we installed in the old house!

Anyway, had to clean up the bathroom again. We had lasagna from the Farmer's Market for supper, and between fielding Willow and swapping microwaves I got Win7 loaded—it was surprisingly painless, although we did not have a choice to format the disk like the MicroCenter tech said, so everything's still on the disk—and I got Citgo loaded, too, so I can work on my own computer Tuesday. (I even deleted spam e-mails.) James' desk is really uncomfortable for me.

Willow finally ate some ground turkey, veggies and rice at the end of the night. She also chased off a loose chihuahua on our front lawn. If only the other problem would clear up!

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