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» Friday, September 14, 2012
Sugar Shock

This seems like a theme: alas, I couldn't sleep late again today. The exterminator was supposed to come for the yard at eight, so I asked the lawn folks to come at 7:30. They actually didn't come until eight, so it was a good thing the exterminator was sick and couldn't come at all. I've had to reschedule for another two weeks.

The lawn guys actually came yesterday, but since I wasn't here, they couldn't get into the back yard. So I asked if they could come back. The back lawn hadn't been cut, because of one thing or the other, since August 3, and I was starting to worry about snakes.Everything's well-cropped now.

I really couldn't go anywhere anyway because even though I was off work today, I had a solicitation closing at noon and I had to keep an eye on it during the morning and then send the proposals off to the end users after it was officially closed. So I'd check e-mail, maybe answer a question, then do a chore: cleaned the hall toilet and swept and washed the floor in there; swept and washed the floor in the master bath (toilet already cleaned); swept and washed the kitchen floor, cleaned off the cart, vacuumed the entire upstairs, vacuumed the stairs, swept the foyer, plus made the bed and cleaned up my craft room and the craft table. Later I plugged the laptop back into the television and watched more of the documentary The Adventure of English. You see, on Thursday night James found a website that links to documentaries...several hundred, in fact! One of them was Adventure of English. I'd already had the laptop plugged into the television so I could watch History Detectives, since once again neither of the local PBS stations are showing the new episodes. [eyes roll] I was thrilled because I have the companion book for this series (those wonderful departed Borders remainder tables—::sniffle::).

I also called TruGreen back because they were supposed to show up on a day I would not be available. I upbraided them yet again about their servicemen not knocking on the door: the last time they showed up, I was home. I stayed home specifically so I could open the back gate for them. No one ever knocked; no one ever rang the doorbell. James came home and told me they had showed up! Plus I asked once again what they were going to do about the lawn aeration I paid for in advance in 2009 and which they have never done, although I have called them several times about this every year since. Now they're saying they don't know if they can do anything about this because it's three years in the past! Cretins.

I'd fallen asleep on the sofa by the time James got home. We went to Hibachi Grill for supper and then, for a thrilling Friday night, went to WallyWorld. James wanted the low-carb chocolate milk and we needed more wild bird food. But, yay, I found a flannel sheet set—not for our bed; it's too warm here even in the winter for flannel sheets. But I keep a flannel twin fitted sheet on the sofa cushions to keep them neat, and the fall leaf patterned one we've had on for a couple of years is now wearing out badly, with tears in it. I tried to replace it last year and couldn't find any reasonably priced flannel sheets. I don't want to buy an expensive set just to cover the sofa cushions! The flat sheet makes a nice extra light blanket for visitors.

A funny thing happened on the way to the cashier: we cut through the aisle that just happened to have the Hallowe'en candy on it. Remember going down the Hallowe'en candy aisle years ago? It smelled of wonderful chocolate and other scents, like licorice and cherry and grape. All we smelled as we passed down the aisle tonight was that sickly sugar scent, not even the straight sweet scent of granulated sugar, but that icky cloying smell like the sickly scent of Pixy Sticks. Gross. They say your sense of taste becomes less sensitive as you grow older. I guess that means they are shoving more sugar than ever in foods, because stuff tastes sweeter now than it did forty years ago!

Picked up the Fall Preview TV Guide there, too. It's nowhere as exciting as it used to be. I remember I would get out of school and walk the mile to Food Town and later to Thalls Drugstore to pick it up, since they would be the first two stores to get it. Later when I got a larger allowance I would buy two issues, one to cut up for my scrapbook and one to keep (still missing pages because two shows might be back to back on one page). It was all wrapped up in events relating to the first day of school since it came out so close to the Wednesday after Labor Day. Miss the old TV Guide, and collecting the different regional editions when we traveled.

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