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» Saturday, September 29, 2012
Gourmet Saturday

Oh, it was hard when that alarm went off this morning, but it was a lovely day to go to the Farmer's Market: low 60s, with clouds and a small breeze. Nice weather to walk. We had vegetables at  home, so we bought a pot pie, chicken salad, dog biscuits, and boiled peanuts and some Greek meat pies for James. It was so nice and cool we just went on to Kroger to finish the shopping and found one of their pre-cooked pork roasts; this is a very rare thing indeed. Bought the usual things: yogurt, Those Damn Bananas, etc. While we were strolling by the meat department, we noticed they had skinless chicken legs on discount. We don't usually cook on the weekend, but we had that bread, and the Harvest Tomato soup...and James thought "cacciatore!" Sweet!

I even found a couple of inexpensive witches for Hallowe'en decorations.

Once we had the groceries put up, we had one more thing to do: refill the can of wild bird seed. There was still a little seed in it, maybe enough for a refill or two, but it was supposed to rain today and we wanted to get it out there before anything started. We filled it to the very tippity-top with 21 pounds of safflower seed, 30 pounds of finch food, and five pounds of thistle seed mix.

(And, guess what, after that it never rained. Typical.)

We both had a sandwich, then went out again, to Willow's chagrin. We stopped at the hobby shop, then drove up to the Town Center Michael's, as I'm never satisfied with the one nearest to us. Before we went into Michael's, we stopped at Petsmart to see if they were doing pet adoptions. There were some sweet dogs there, including a young dog with a whiplike tail, a fuzzy-faced terrier type, and the sweetest female chihuahua/dachshund mix, who just couldn't get close enough to the bars of her crate to get petted.

Bought a drawing pen and some packaged artificial autumn leaves—you can see what I did with the latter here, then came home by Publix. I wanted to see if they had the small Milk Bone flavor snacks, the teeny ones. I like offering these to Willow better than just one "cookie, since I can toss them around the main floor and let her search for them. Did find them, and, in a similar 3/$10 book dump as last week, found Andy Williams' autobiography—what a surprise after his death this week.

So we got home just about time to start supper. James did make the chicken legs as cacciatore and they were excellent. We spent the evening watching various things on television, including Cesar Millan, the new season of The Incredible Dr. Pol, and finally the ultimate Amy Pond/Rory Williams episode of Doctor Who. A two-hankie ending for sure—and one last glimpse of Caitlin Blackwood as young Amelia.

And then a surprise: I didn't realize How the States Got Their Shapes was coming back for another season. This year the episodes are a half-hour in length and are a "something vs. something" format with people taking a quiz and the facts in between the contest. The first two were "Red States vs. Blue States" and "White Collar vs. Blue Collar." Next week is "Hillbilly vs. Redneck" and "Hatfields vs. McCoys."

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