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» Sunday, September 16, 2012
Grocery Shopping is Never Done

Good thing: Sleeping late. Bad thing: Bad dreams. Sometimes it's not worth it.

We had a leisurely breakfast and didn't go out until noon. James had to return the canister from his Soda Stream—the brand new one he bought didn't have any CO2 in it! So since we had JoAnn "coupon commotion" coupons, we went up to Kennesaw. Bought little things at JoAnn to do projects: some leaf buttons, laminating sheets, candle bulbs, looping pliers, magnets. James got velcro and fusion fabric (for his kilt), metallic markers, and Xacto knife blades. They still do not have the 24 new DMC "Color Combination" flosses. Ridiculous. Three different hobby stores in the area that carry DMC flosses, and not one has them, and they've been out for months. I'm just going to have to buy them online. And stores wonder why they lose business to online sources.

We made a brief stop at Hobbytown so James could pick up "Sport Rocketry" and then traded in the defective canister at Bed, Bath & Beyond and getting a recharged one as well, so now he has a spare. Then it was time for grocery shopping...snore. The newspaper is cheaper at Publix, so we got it there along with a couple of twofers. Then Kroger for milk, bananas, yogurt, etc. Home via the QT for air for the truck's right rear tire.

And once the groceries were home...time for one more trip: Twilight needed gas.

And then we could relax. Sort of. Had another project to work on which wasn't done until seven.

In the meantime, James made a swell dinner! He took boneless, skinless chicken thighs, cut them into bite-sized bits, and stir-fried them with cashews, mushrooms, onions, fresh celery and grape tomatoes. Although he used sesame oil and black sauce, the tomatoes gave it a fresh chicken cacciatore taste. Yum!

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