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» Friday, September 28, 2012
Friday in the Truck With James

When James works a weekend day, he gets a weekday off. Today it just happened to coincide with my compressed day off.

We couldn't really do anything extensive today because James had a doctor's appointment at 3:40, and this morning I had some appointments myself. I had to be up before eight because the lawn service was coming, and the exterminator was due between eight and ten. James zipped off to Kaiser to get his bloodwork done. Alex and his partner came to cut the lawn. The exterminator showed up before ten.

Oh, and I think I have things straightened out with TruGreen. I called up and had a long talk with a nice lady at the service desk, who said she annotated my file with appropriate days, and with a note that says PLEASE RING DOORBELL (since I was home the last time they came and I didn't know it). She also says we have an aeration scheduled at no charge. I also talked to the TruGreen technician, who had called us earlier in the week. Maybe we have it straight now. I'm not holding my breath until it happens, though.

This afternoon we went to BJs, stopping at the IHOP first for lunch. I had the senior French toast and James had a pot roast sandwich, which he enjoyed. We spent far too much at BJs, but then we were stocking up and there were good coupons. We were even able to get a pair of French bread loaves free by buying the Smart Balance we needed.

We stuck anything perishable in an insulated bag and stopped at Town Center to check out CD Warehouse (nothing interesting) and Barnes & Noble. I hit the jackpot at B&N: three cross-stitch magazines and the Christmas issues of "Cottage Living" and "Country Sampler." Plus, in the remainder bin I found Marlo Thomas' Growing Up Laughing.

The latter was lucky because by the time we got out of there and not stuck behind slowpoke drivers, there wasn't time to drop me off at home. So I read as James had his exam and then as we waited 45 interminable minutes in the pharmacy.

Finally we had soup for supper at Panera before going home. Not much to talk about after that; too many magazines to read. :-)

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