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» Friday, September 21, 2012
Il est fini
È finita
Se terminó
Es ist abgeschlossen

The official FY2012 workload, that is. I distributed the last purchase order this morning, and my bete noire, the order I couldn't finish from October, was simply cancelled thanks to Nancy making one phone call. I helped Tamera do some paperwork and a quotation for her orders, did two payment authorizations, cleaned out my e-mails (although I won't really dump anything about FY2012 till FY2013 starts on October 1) and my Word documents, took an unsatisfying nap at lunch (someone was taking a nap in the car next to me; I'm not the only one who does this!) and came home with a screaming headache resolved by three ibuprofin and thirty minutes in a dark room.

Besides that, it was a pretty nice day. Saw the cute trailer to the season premiere of Castle, the new Hobbit trailer, and, best of all, had dinner with friends at Longhorn Steakhouse to celebrate David's birthday (David being Juanita's fiancè). Afterwards we went to Publix to stock up on two-for-one oatmeal since it hasn't been on twofer all summer. I was down to four boxes, which was too close for comfort to me! Arrived home still sleepy.

Turns out James' work day is tomorrow, not Sunday, and I think I'm just going to skip Hair Day to sleep in instead. I should take that box of books to the library for Michael says in The Bestest Present..."we'lllllllll see!"

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