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» Saturday, September 08, 2012

Early to bed and late to rise does actually make you feel better.

Which is why I am glad I made the decision to stay home yesterday. I was thoroughly miserable on Thursday, coughing, sore throat, headache, visiting the ladies' room just to rest my aching head against the wall and close my eyes for some relief against the fluorescent lights. I slept late, drank water and orange juice, and gained enough semblance of normality that we could go out to eat Friday night and nip into Barnes & Noble for a few minutes. (Christmas magazines are my favorite form of therapy...the Christmas issue of "Early American Life" arrived in the mail Friday, too.) Another fairly early night, then a nice morning for the Farmers Market, warm in the sun but pleasantly cool in the shade, with a breeze and rising clouds. Nice to be able to walk without coughing. Bought veggies, a pot pie, baked ziti, some brown sugar pound cake for a dessert, goat cheese, and James got more chicken salad and another rice ball.

We came home for breakfast and computering until it was time for James' club meeting. He went off a little early. I thought the meeting was next week, so didn't have anything planned. So I went to Costco to see if "Caroline" was out (the new American Girls set—alas, too early), then went to Petsmart and Michaels. Met Caro McCully and her new puppy in Petsmart, and saw the cutest puppies up for adoption, silky haired, all black except for some white hair at the throat. They thought they were...cocker spaniel and chihuahua? That must have been one determined chihuahua! Anyway, got Schuyler fresh seed.

Found a...container half price at Michaels. Not sure what to call it. It's like a rectangular wastebasket with handles, and is papered with bird/plant themed scrapbook stock. I got it to hold scrapbook paper, so that's appropriate.

On the way home, I stopped at the Book Stop (used book store). It's been raining or spitting on and off all day—it poured while I was in Costco—and now it started to rain again. Picked up Adam Gopnik's Paris to the Moon and Quinn Cummings' Notes from the Underwire.

Spent the time until James got home organizing files on my computer—plus I spent about fifteen minutes taking down the summer flag, wreath, and basket from the porch and putting up the fall flag, wreath, and basket; good riddance!—and then we went out to Kroger to not to have to do it tomorrow. Finally we ordered a pizza and watched last week's season premiere of Doctor Who. Damn, Amy, do you really think Rory is so shallow as that? As for Oswin's solution: is this a reset button? Recorded tonight's while I was on chat and James was downstairs so we don't have to sit through those damnfool commercial breaks, which are getting longer and longer and longer. In five years an hour program will be twenty minute interruptions between commercials at this rate.

By the way, the rain was on the forefront of a cold front going through. James took the dog out about 8:30 and came back in and threw open all the windows. I think the last time it was cool enough to have the windows open it was February!

And Rodney showed up on chat tonight. Perfect ending to the day.

But now it's time for bed. Yellow Daisy Festival tomorrow and want to make sure to keep that cough at bay.

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