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» Saturday, September 22, 2012
Best Laid Plans

So, the plan today was:

+ Farmer's Market
+ Hair Day
+ Hobby shop
+ Publix near hobby shop for more oatmeal
+ Aubrey's party

Surprise! James came home last night saying his work day was today, not tomorrow!

Scratch that. Try:

+ Sleeping late
+ Macland Publix for oatmeal.
+ Macland Kroger for sandwich buns that aren't covered with cornmeal.
+ Aldi for 100-calorie chocolate sticks and cheap milk.
+ Work on "me" shelf
+ Alice and Ken picking me up for Aubrey's party if James couldn't get out early.

The sleeping worked out great. However, as I was driving up the Windy Hill connector to Macland someone whispered in my ear "Why not go to Barnes & Noble at West Cobb?" Since I usually do listen to voices that tell me to go to bookstores, I did. Besides, I had a coupon. This is a nice ride anyway: up Macland to West Sandtown through pleasant country-like residential neighborhoods.

Found two cross-stitch magazines with fall patterns. Found the Entertainment Weekly with its Big Bang Theory cover. Found four books already on remainder at half price: a mystery featuring the detective Vidocq, a biography of Joseph Pulitzer, a gift book to put away, and a book for James for Christmas or anniversary, whichever I deceide. I used the coupon on The Olive Farm, Carol Drinkwater's [yes, from the All Creatures Great and Small television series] memoir of moving to France. I thought of getting a bite to eat, but I had some leftover lamb waiting for me to tuck it into a luscious sandwich.

Went on to Publix. Only two boxes of low-sugar maple oatmeal left. Bought them anyway to put into the pantry. They were having a sample of a meal: ranch-marinaded steak, a salad, and chocolate cake. The salad was icky but the two bits of steak and square of cake was good. Also got more lamb.

Got the bread at Kroger, and also some turkey for supper tomorrow night and pork bits for Monday. Filled up on gasoline, then went to Aldi. I love their little narrow chocolate "sticks" with hazelnut chips. Got milk because it's cheapest there, then came home. Since it was so late, I didn't think I'd get to do the craft stuff.

Unfortunately, the lamb sandwich was a no go, for reasons I won't go into. Stuck with peanut butter instead (would have had jam, but couldn't get the jar open). ::growl::

[Later: James was able to get out early, so we drove to Cumberland Mall together. We stopped at Barnes & Noble for a quick ten minutes so he could buy a book he might need. After ten fruitless minutes of trying to find a space out front, we just parked in the back in the parking garage. A big group of us had a delightful dinner in celebration of Aubrey Spivey's nineteenth birthday at P.F. Chang's. I had a delicious pork lo mein and James had something spicy. Alice let us try her lettuce wraps and James is wondering if he can't reproduce the recipe. It's made with ground chicken, scallions, and chopped nuts, but he'd have to figure out the rest. It would taste delicious in tortillas!

On the way out of the mall, I got a new watchband at the watch repair place. That's another thing off my list. Then it was home to watch Doctor Who and later get on chat.]

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