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» Sunday, September 30, 2012
A Shady Sunday

After a nice chat with Mike and Emma (and earlier watching "The Angels Take Manhattan" with Rodney), we drifted off to bed, and so had a nice sleep-in this morning. Even though we did almost all of the shopping earlier this weekend, we did have a couple of things to get. So after breakfast we stopped at Publix to get a paper. Turned out they have put a soup bar in just recently, and, as James wasn't feeling well, we went back to the soup bar to get him some vegetable beef for lunch. Then we drive out to [mumble].

Well, I can't say where we went. We had a coupon and bought a gift there, so if I say where we went, the person it's for might twig. Then a stop at Aldi for milk, and finally we drove down to Kroger to get my car some gasoline. While I filled up, James went into Kroger for some gravy for the pork roast tomorrow and bought me some chicken soup for lunch. (Ah, a mutual soup-buying relationship.)

The soup hit the spot, and then we went out just briefly to get gasoline for the truck. Spent the afternoon tidying up, updating Firefox on the "Mouse," checking out what was on BBC4X, and finally putting the fitted flannel sheet I bought two weeks ago onto the sofa. This will keep the cushions clean and replace the old one which was worn out and tearing. It is a remarkably heavyweight sheet for something that was cheap at Walmart!

Been spending the evening watching various things found online: Adam Hart-Davis' What the Ancients Did for Us, the Islam edition, and then episodes of QI, which is this frantically funny game show from Great Britain with Stephen Fry as the moderator and featuring four actors. I had saved one with Hugh Laurie, and found a couple more, both Christmas episodes, one with Daniel Radcliffe and one with David Tennant. (Tennant nearly falls apart laughing at the end.)

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