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» Sunday, July 01, 2012
Bake, Fry and Fricassee

How I love setting heat records. [Sarcasm turned on "broil."]

106° both Saturday and Sunday. There are no words.

This also means we were up early both weekend days. We arrived at the Farmer's Market yesterday well before nine, discovering that everyone else had the same idea, making one round of the booths, then running off to Publix for twofers. And that was as much as I really wanted to be outside Saturday until we went out later.

However, James went to the hobby shop, and I stripped down to tank top and light pants and went out on the porch to put up the Independence Day decorations before the sun swung its inexorable way around and turned the porch into a brick bake oven. Did everything slowly, as my wrist was still twitchy, then took my pill and iced my wrist. James arrived home and we stayed under fans until it was time to leave for Neil's "At Home" graduation get-together. Ended up neeping in the kitchen (mostly complaining about Microslop) and admiring Clair's gadget (it's a Samsung Android unit with a 5-inch screen, but it's not a phone, more like a mini-tablet).

From there we had to stop at Kroger to pick up Jessie's and Aubrey's graduation gifts (since they are both commuting to college I thought a gas card would be the most useful) on the way to game night at the Lawsons. Got behind a couple who had to write a check (of course not starting to write it out until after it was all rung up!) and then the cashier dropped the couple's eggs. Arrgh.

Game night was fun, although I was queasy and a bit in pain all night. We had pizza with salad and fruit and M&Ms on the side, and later a cake for Jerry's birthday, and James made Del's lemonade for those who wanted it, and played Scattergories and Outburst. Came home to be back under the fan again and talk to Emma and Mike on chat.

Today we got up early to go to BJs, since we needed batteries. Ended up also with cheese and Breathe Rights, omeprazole on sale (yay!), and a bunch of other things, and listened to a sales pitch for some cleaning products. Did buy some as it may be able to get that paint off my car. (I have a long streak of paint from the mailbox on one side of my hood. It's a short and stupid story.) We were home by 12:30 and spent the rest of the afternoon keeping cool. I backed up my hard drive for the month, vacuumed, and got ready for work.

We had leftover stir-fry for supper and indulged in The Big Bang Theory. Our friends have been recommending this series to us for years, but we haven't been able to get into it previously. We saw some episodes at Timegate, though, and when I saw the first three episodes airing tonight on WPCH I decided to record. We're watching now.

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