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» Sunday, May 13, 2012
A Switch in Time
It was up early Saturday morning for the Farmer's Market. Oddly, there were lowering clouds when the forecast was for partly cloudy. By the time we got to the Square the partly cloudy was getting us wet. Nevertheless, we made the rounds: cucumbers, tomatoes, scallions ("...some people call 'em green onions, but they're really scallions..."), an apple turnover each, and some apple bread to take to Hair Day (I bought blue corn chips and roasted garlic hummus yesterday as well for this purpose), Then the usual nice drive down Polk Avenue to Dallas Highway to Villa Rica Road: old homes followed by developments and smallholdings. Since it was raining, of course they were having a gymkhana at the stables!

The usual nice time at Hair Day: we grilled out and had snacks. The Boyers had to come and go since they were heading to visit Terica's mother, and Juanita was also "hair today" and gone a little later. :-)

By one we were on our way home so James could pick up the model he was taking to the meeting. I continued the "Operation Get Rid of Floppy Disks." I had done a couple of dozen, but was frankly feeling a bit off. I never know what will set me off anymore. I know it couldn't be the buns, so it had to be either the hot dogs—and they were good ones, Hebrew National!—or the hummus. Took something and lay down.

James was home rather early, so we decided to get the shopping done to have tomorrow free. The rain had cleared up earlier, but it was still nice and cool, although the clouds preceding tomorrow's rainstorm were already starting to pile in like big fluffy pillows (yes, this reference means something). I picked up my prescription, and we both got something for supper, chicken soup and chili, respectively, some more goat meat, thin-sliced steaks, bread and bananas for my lunch, more yogurt and milk, sugar-free pudding for James, and something that sounded very yummy, no sugar added Eskimo ice cream bars. We had our suppers once we got home, and, as expected, the ice cream bars were delicious!

We spent the evening watching three parts of Murdoch Mysteries. One was a family story about a young woman with multiple personalities, and I couldn't figure out why the mother looked so familiar until I looked her up: it was "Katherine Brooke" from Anne of Green Gables, The Sequel. There was also a mystery over a stolen Rembrandt painting (with a very gruesome method of murder!) that introduced a bete noire for Murdoch, and a story involving circus performers and a big-cat trainer eaten by her own tiger. Erich showed up on chat, but had to leave before Mike and Emma arrived. Jen was absent due to vacation Bible camp. I think it's nice that the Navy allows her to attend when she's not on duty.

Well, it was my second night with the new pillows, and I can't say I have been very pleased. As I feared, the quilted pillow cover makes the pillows very stiff. The whole charm of feather pillows is being able to arrange the feathers as you need, and you can't do that with these—to be honest they are as hard as that proverbial rock! I still had the plastic wrappers, and the tags, and the receipt, and I just packed them back up to return them.

I'm glad I filled the bird feeders last night, as this morning dawned rainy, grey, drippy, greyer, and wavering between "damp" and "humid." The birds at the feeders were sopped and seed was stuck all over the metal openings and perches.

After eating breakfast, we decided to take a ride out to Fry's. I bundled the pillows in the cab of the truck with me, put on an episode of "The Splendid Table" for us to listen to on the trip out to Alpharetta, and was heartily glad when we got to Bed, Bath & Beyond at East Cobb; by then my left leg was asleep from the pressure of the pillows. These were returned with no problems.

Now, James has been having trouble with switches all weekend. Friday night he thought the bulb was burnt out in the light on his side of the headboard.So we replaced it and then the light wouldn't turn off! So he ended up replacing it with the mag flashlight on its stand that I got from Amazon Vine. (I'm upset about the light; I don't think the Vermont Country Store sells them anymore.) So, as we got back into the truck after returning the pillows, James turned the blower up to clear the mist on the windshield.

Nothing happened. No air was blowing at all! And it had been working fine when we stopped. Bother.

Well, we opened the windows a bit and went on to Fry's. They were having an arts and crafts festival in Roswell, but the rain had put quite a damper on the event (pun intended). We were both a bit peckish, so when we arrived in Alpharetta, we turned on Windward Parkway instead of going directly to Fry's and had lunch at Panda Express. For some reason, I have been craving lo mein. I had chow mein noodles with mandarin chicken and Angus beef strips. Yum.

So we walked around Fry's. Stopped and played with a bunch of tablets.Looked through the discount books and magazines. James was looking for another Microsoft keyboard like the one he has to take to work, but they didn't have the model we do. I found a discount Blu-Ray of a BBC documentary series called The Secret Life of Birds. Poor Schuyler; it will drive her crazy.

On the way home I said to James, "What if it's only a fuse?" So when we stopped at Kroger for gas, we looked at the fuse box in the truck. Unfortunately, the entire guide to the fuses are in unintelligible abbreviations. We thought it might be the one marked "ACC," but we couldn't get it out for love or money, not with our fingers or with James' multitool plier. So when he finished getting gasoline, we went to Advance Auto Parts near the house and bought a fuse puller. Surprise! It didn't work either. However, they loaned us a needle-nose plier and I was able to get it out and replace it. It either wasn't the correct fuse or it's not the fuse, because the blower is still off. However, there are apparently more fuses under the hood. Haven't tried them yet. In the meantime, it's a good thing it's going to be cool tomorrow!

And then finally we were home! I pulled out my old pillows and put them back in the pillowcases, then sat down at the computer and finished the floppy disk disposal project. James made our summer chicken salad supper, which was quite yummy; just what I was craving, and we had a chaser in the form of the Eskimo ice cream bars. These are the best sugarless ice cream bars I've ever tasted!

Oh, and we saw a male goldfinch on the bird feeder that was so brilliantly yellow that he looked neon! What a beauty!

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