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» Sunday, September 11, 2011
A Weekend
Getting older is a pain.

And I mean that literally. The arthritis in my right shoulder has flared up, and this is a damn inconvenient time for it to happen, just as we're sprinting to the home stretch on purchase orders. I typed for eight solid hours on Friday, and by the time I got home I was in a great deal of discomfort. The only way to fight it is to sit and do nothing, as if I have time for that.

So I was rather feeling out of it when we went to Giovanni's for supper, then stopped at Hobby Lobby. Finally we went home to sit and watch the season (series) finale of Torchwood: Miracle Day. On a whole I was disappointed. I never felt as if it was really Torchwood, and the new characters pushed the old in the background much of the time. Masses of padding and several plotlines that went nowhere. Still, I stuck with the story, so I suppose it was successful. And Rhys ended up okay, so I was satisfied. :-)

The pain had subsided slightly by next morning, when we headed for the Farmer's Market and then to Hair Day, but I was still uncomfortable and very glad to send James off to his monthly IPMS meeting for a few hours while I read Thunder Dog, the story of Michael Hingson and his guide dog Roselle, who survived the terrorist attack at the World Trade Center. Later we went to Sam's Club for omeprazole, and, because we were going to the Yellow Daisy Festival tomorrow, finished up the shopping at Kroger, where we discovered a rotisserie pork roast for supper.

As soon as it got dark, I went out on the porch and put up the flag, then had a nice chat with Rodney, Jen, Emma, and Mike.

Not using a computer constantly for eight hours did my shoulder some good, so we made it to the Yellow Daisy Festival today. It was cool enough when we started out but it was still pretty warm when we finally finished our circuits of the booths. We bought a few things, and I got a CD of Christmas music, and a gift.

We were looking for lunch on the way home and stopped at the Ryan's at Northeast Plaza on Buford Highway. This used to be Old Country Buffet and they had a yummy menu, including the best roast chicken, flavorful and juicy. Several years ago, Ryan's, the steakhouse chain, bought out Old Country. We used to eat at Ryan's, where they either cooked you a steak to order or you ate off the buffet (or both), but they closed near us. The food remained okay for a while, although the first thing they did was get rid of the wonderful brownies on the dessert bar.

Well, I was sorry I suggested it. They had roast chicken, but it was an artificial orange color to signify it was barbecue and tasted insipid. The popcorn shrimp wasn't only bad, it was cheap, mealy and nasty. The steak was rubbery, and had fennel flavoring. The chocolate cake was both dense and stale.

Plus the ladies room was nasty, and the place reeked of cleaning fluid (even in the dining room).

We were happy to be home to rest and watch some 9/11 commemorative programs and news on CNN.

Later we watched the last disk of Season 2 of The Sarah Jane Adventures and a couple of Christopher Eccleston Doctor Who episodes.

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