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» Saturday, September 24, 2011
There's Good Shopping and There's Boring Shopping

Or some noise like that: it's what I usually say when the alarm clock rings early on the weekend. But we did get up and go to the Farmer's Market. Got lasagna for dinner tomorrow night. Yum! From there we went to Kroger for milk and the other necessities of life.

Done before eleven!

After we put the groceries away we headed out to Acworth to visit the Books-a-Million. It's a bit of a drive, so haven't been there for a while. Found a couple of books in the bargain bin, including Mockingbird, the story of Harper Lee. (I started it while at the hobby shop—very enjoyable!), two new cross-stitch magazines, and the new "Country Sampler." We also checked out Petco, where they were having dog adoptions. There was a very cute small dog there, part chihuahua and part terrier, looked like a fox in miniature without the white. His name was Wolfie. What a cutie. But we could never adopt any dog without Willow's approval.

Then we had a nice lunch at Longhorn: six-ounce Renegades with a side (I had a sweet potato and James some quite good macaroni and cheese). From there we made a stop at JoAnn, since there were more coupons in the Sunday paper that expired today. I stocked up on more tape, and also a nice storage box for my jewelry-making supplies.

Then we stopped for a bit at the hobby shop and finally came home for a nice relaxing evening. Had goat cheese on crackers for supper. Gave the dog a bath and refilled the bird feeders (the sparrows were glaring at me through the window—"This restaurant has the worst service!"). Later on watched last week's Doctor Who ("The God Complex") and then The Thin Man running on our local PBS station. Contains one of my favorite lines of all time: "Waiter, will you please serve the nuts?" [pause looking at the crazy conglomeration of suspects around the room] "I mean, please serve the guests the nuts!"

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