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» Sunday, September 18, 2011
A "Slower" Pace
Well, we were supposed to be relaxing this weekend, after all the hue and cry of the previous weekends, especially DragonCon. I don't think I'd ever caught up on sleep.

But bodies crave sleep and ours took the opportunity: I forgot to set my alarm Saturday morning and we didn't wake until 9:30. It was cool enough to go to the Farmer's Market late, but there was something going on downtown and I knew there wouldn't be any parking, so we blew it off. Today was even worse: we didn't wake until 10:30, but we were up fairly late, too.

Yesterday we went to the hobby shop to find everyone at a show, went to the Avenue at East Cobb to discover Borders had closed yesterday (but then I knew the last time we went there it was our final trip), picked up some groceries at Trader Joe's, stopped at Hallmark for a card. The big event of the day was Aubrey Spivey's 18th birthday party at Red Lobster. We had a great time and also afterwards at the house for cake.

Plus both Mike and Jen turned up for a little while on chat: they got married Saturday afternoon at Mike's church in Oklahoma, then today were heading up to Minnesota for their honeymoon: hiking and fishing in the woods! Now that's my idea of a cool honeymoon—being burnt to a crisp on some beach is just not a fun thought to me.

Today I was feeling a bit blue and we pretty much hung about until after noon when we dragged out to do the shopping. We went to Walmart for wild bird seed and bought a couple of other things, including a fall-themed king-sized bed cover (it says it's a "quilt," but only loosely) for only $20. The leaves on it have swirls on them; it will definitely brighten up the bedroom! Was able to pick up some nice beef for supper (James made an absolutely delicious meal of it, with onions and mushrooms, adding garlic powder, some soy and black sauce—yum!) at Kroger along with the regular purchases. Once we had all that put away, we went to the "Coupon Commotion" at JoAnn, where I got a few small seasonal items, but mostly bought tape strips for the Scotch tape hand dispenser, in prep for Christmas wrapping. It was so convenient using the dispenser last year.

I discovered tonight that I had somehow messed up the template of my holiday blog, so had to spend two hours fixing it. So much for a quiet Sunday night reading. Ah, well, I'd planned to re-do it at some point anyway and hadn't gotten to it; this forced the issue. The background image is too powerful and doesn't represent the full intent of the blog, but it's as close as I could get to it for now.

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