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» Thursday, September 01, 2011
"...And Then a Miracle Occurred..."
No time, no time, no time...not even time to do "Simple Woman's Daybook" this week. Even with orders given to others I'm struggling with what's left.

Today was frustrating. I got up with James and started work a few minutes before 6:30, and I worked straight through until after 4:15, except for thirty minutes where I just had to lie down before I fell down (only four hours sleep—too busy worrying about what I had to do today). I can't say I finished anything, but I did accomplish several things, so I suppose that counts for something. Of course today James got out on time instead of early as he had the rest of the week. By the time he arrived home I had made all my sandwiches for the weekend and was monitoring both Facebook for DragonCon registration reports—some very discouraging early reports of two hours in the sun because the new system broke down—and the traffic situation. James took Willow out, then started on his sandwiches while I collected the trash and cleaned Schuyler's cage. By the time we left, traffic had turned from yellow and orange into red and burgundy: there were three, count 'em, three sports events going on downtown (Falcons and GA Tech football and Braves baseball). Whose bright idea was this? However, while very slow, we never did come to a dead stop, and we reached the Courtland Street garage without incident.

Remembering last year's 3 and a half hour wait outside and inside for registration, we came prepared: broad-brimmed hats, nooks to read, a water bottle each, and our "Kerchillers," which I started getting ready while James was assembling sandwiches. These are neck wraps that are filled with crystals. When you soak them in water the crystals swell up and hold the cold. You put them around your neck and they keep you cool. We bought a pair at the Yellow Daisy Festival two years ago and had never used them. Mine has a fall pattern and James' has jets on it. So we strode toward the Sheraton, looking for the line...

...and there was none. We walked right in the door, and, although they had the switchback lines set up, all we had to do was hustle through them to get up front. They scanned the barcodes on the back of our cards, slapped the name sticker on our badges, handed out program books and pocket programs and a 25th anniversary luggage tag, and we were done! Ten minutes from going in the door of the Sheraton to coming out of the door of the Sheraton, and most of that was going through the line, with the con volunteers calling, "Remember when you were waiting for registration? Well, now registration is waiting for you! Hustle, hustle!"

Absolutely brilliant!

So, since we'd already paid the $15 flat fee for the parking garage, we trudged over to the Hyatt where they were having a Celtic band festival. The opening act was the Pandorica Keltica (name?), a funny and tuneful mixed band, followed by the perennial DragonCon favorites, Emerald Rose. Between them, we had some rollicking, hand-clapping, toe-tapping, rousing musical numbers—at once point a spontaneous dance circle broke out at the foot of the stage, with people running from the audience to take part.

It certainly was a dandy way to start a convention, versus standing in the heat and a glacial queue last year. A wizard opening, DragonCon!

Meanwhile, time to roost...

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