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» Sunday, May 24, 2009
Timegate, Day 3, Part 4
Well, I should have stayed for the Stephen Moffat panel, but I was getting antsy in my chair and needed a drink. So I did those things and then did a circuit of the Dealer's Room. I did get the first Gallifrey CD, the first UNIT CD, the Jago and Litefoot adventure, and also a Blake's 7 about Vila that takes place before he meets Blake.

James and I hooked up again and sat about in the lobby until it was time for the "I Love the 80s" Who panel. This was fun, but we never got through the 80s...LOL. Peter Davison had just regenerated by the time the panel ended. In the meantime, Adric was defended (partially), and "Kinda" and "Snakedance" were cheered, John Nathan Turner's ideas were hashed over.

Now we're attending the Young Adult Fantasy Literature, wondering why there aren't more fantasy aimed at boys.

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