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» Sunday, May 24, 2009
Timegate, Day 3, Part 3
The panel with Terrance Dicks and Mary Tamm was quite fun, as they played off each other back and forth. Many jokes about Mary's penchant for shopping, including for her grandchild. More questions about Romana's dresses, and which would she like to be wearing in a Romana action fiction. Terrance had a very funny story about him answering questions on a panel with Katy Manning, who once posed nude with a Dalek, and getting a question about it posed to him instead!

Mary talked a bit about her training as an actress and which was her favorite role, and Terrance was asked about being around as the Doctors were being chosen. Some funny chatter about Matt Smith, the new Doctor, who, Mary states, looks about twelve. LOL.

Am now in the Companions panel (what makes a good one, and who was the best and was there really a worst)?