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» Sunday, May 24, 2009
Timegate, Day 3, The Coda
Been doing more party prep, so I'm late logging in on the remainder of the convention. Anyway, we chatted quite a bit at the Young Adult Lit panel, and then stayed around for the Irwin Allen panel. James and I and another man comprised the entire audience, so the five of us (with the panel moderators) talked about each of the series, mostly focusing on Lost in Space. I do truly think that even with Dr. Smith being a git there were some great episodes after he went from evil to idiot, even the much-maligned third season with "Great Vegetable Rebellion" (second season had even worse aliens, which is why I didn't get it, since there was only one episode I actually liked, "A Visit to Hades"): "Condemned of Space," "The Haunted Lightship," "Visit to a Hostile Planet," "Hunter's Moon," "The Anti-Matter Man" (the last two featuring Guy Williams).

We had our last dinner at the hotel restaurant. Didn't want anything big, so just had a bowl of the beef vegetable soup with some bread. James had the same with some chicken quesadillas. Should have done this last night instead of the spaghetti.

The final panel was the convention wrap-up, and everyone giving feedback on the con and suggestions for next year. They are talking about inviting Paul McGann, who would be really cool. Apparently Terrance and Mary had a good time, which was nice. Also lots of complaints about the hotel restaurant.

Sadly, it was much better than last year...

Anyway, we had a grand time. While we were in the 80s panel, James slipped out to get some water to take something for his headache and announced when he came back that we had memberships for next year. Grand!