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» Saturday, May 23, 2009
Timegate, Day 2, Part 3
Just finished watching "The Next Doctor," this year's Christmas special, in the video room. I know all the folks in the know have probably already downloaded this (Linda waves at...well, he knows who he is), but it was my first time watching. Enjoyed this muchly, Doctor Who meets steampunk. All very Dickensian, too, with workhouse children and a lost child, and David Morrissey was excellent as the future Doctor. (And heavens, they didn't go all PC and did have Lake think of Rosita as a nursemaid, not a love interest. The latter just wouldn't have happened then.)

In the Torchwood, series 3 now, listening to, I won't spoil. But the moderators suspect this might be the last series as well. Snellfrocky. Now we're going over each episode of the past and its merits or detractions.