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» Saturday, May 23, 2009
Timegate, Day 2, Part 2
First panel was about Space: 1999, very sparsely attended, but we chatted a bit about the series and the reimagining that they are doing, Space: 2099.

James went off somewhere and I attended the "Adieu, Tennant" panel, talking about the end of Tennant's tenure, favorite episodes, and "what about Matt Smith?" :-) Everyone is very hopeful about Smith's tenure, as Stephen Moffat is the producer. It was a fun discussion.

Spent about an hour listening to Terrance Dicks' commentary on his "The Five Doctors" (lots about Peter Davison wingheing about fainting...LOL), then wandered out to the hotel lobby. I'm sitting with Nancy and Sue and Phyllis (Jake and Mel were here, but they have wandered off), and James joined us after his Apocalypse panel.

Nancy has bought a neat "steampunk" laser sonic screwdriver, with a bolt as the base.

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