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» Friday, May 22, 2009
Timegate, Day 1, Part 3
Waiting for the last panel, sitting out in the hall and listening to unbelievably tripey lounge music coming from the restaurant...ugggh.

The "Doctor Who That Could Have Been" was about all the unproduced scripts over the years, ranging from "Shada," which everyone Whoish knows about, to scripts that ranged back to when William Hartnell was the original Doctor, including one about Japan that wasn't ready in time, so a substitute story was made: Terry Nation's original Daleks story. As the moderators pointed out, what a different Doctor Who it would have been! Some of the stories sounded really silly, but none, as I had also read long ago in "Starlog," the ones that they put together for the 1996 film. One had Cardinal Borusa as the Doctor's grandfather and the Master as his brother. There's the usual stereotypical take on "sibling rivalry!"

There was supposed to be a trivia game show next, but it didn't seem to be taking place. The Dealer's Room is very small, so I took a turn around it and then went back to the next panel that was running, about the audio adventures. The BBC has done a few of these, but the majority have been done by a production company authorized by the Beeb, "Big Finish." They have several series, including one about UNIT, stories told from the companions' POV, one about the Daleks and a separate one about Davros, etc. They also have audio adventures of past Doctors done by the same actors, and apparently Colin Baker gets his due in the audio stories, as his tenure as the Doctor was definitely not well liked (certainly not by me).

After the panel I walked around the dealers again. Someone has a very nice cast photo of House, except Stacy is in the picture. <wry g> I asked the dealer if he had any of Castle, but not yet. Did stop at the Big Finish table. They have several of the CDs on sale, so I am thinking I might get the first of the "Gallifrey" series with Romana as Lord President (these also feature Leela) and one of the UNIT ones (featuring the Brigadier, who is desperately trying to retire), and also the one featuring Professor Litefoot and Henry Gordon Jago from "Talons of Weng-Chiang." I always did love those two.

Nipped up to the con suite for a bit of cake and now it's time for the final panel of the night (at least for us), a review of the Paul McGann film.