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» Monday, May 25, 2009
Time Comes and Goes So Quickly Here
Five days off and it's all over already.

Everyone's gone home and everything's all cleaned up once again. We had a lovely cookout and it didn't rain until we had finished using the grill—hurrah! Juanita just had some surgery, so we seated her in James' recliner and all brought her things. The girls pestered each other and we ate chicken and steak (the pre-marinated chicken we got from Kroger was delicious!) and potato salad and cucumber/tomato salad, and talked about work and medical problems and all those other damn things you talk about when you get to be an adult (and slash fiction; not sure how that one got in there!). Schuyler sang along with the noise and Willow cadged food (of course), and got to chase the chihuahua as everyone was leaving.

Now I'm watching Antiques Roadshow.