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» Sunday, May 17, 2009
Quiet Sunday
We slept until almost eleven, then had a leisurely breakfast. It was raining out most of the morning and in the early afternoon.

We went past the post awful, then stopped at Batteries Plus for me to get batteries for the little lights I have in my craft room cupboards. It would have been cheaper for me simply to buy new lights!

In fact, I found similar lights for $3 each when we stopped by MicroCenter. (No reason to go; just wanted to window-shop somewhere fun. We did look at APCs. Even with the cheapest, it would take about $200 to outfit everything. Ugh.) Then we picked up a newspaper and came home, where, typical of life, we never even looked at it. Instead we watched a couple of What's My Line/To Tell the Truth pairs, and then I put on the first episode of the fourth series of The Last Detective.

I also did a much-needed chore this afternoon: backing up my hard drive...or rather, backing up the two virtual storage drives. My hard drive is divided up into ten virtual drives, and drive J is for storage of everything else (web pages, music, tax forms, etc) and drive K is for all images (photos, scans, screencaps, web graphics). I backed those up, as well as my Eudora e-mail boxes.

James went downstairs for a little while to work on a model, and I should have been watching Wallander, but I just recorded it and read my Early American Life instead, with Schuyler's cage next to me. She kept wanting to gnaw on my shirt, but there was no way I could get it close to her without using my hands. Probably better anyway; who knows what's in those dyes?

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