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» Friday, May 29, 2009
Pressed and Published
Boy, did I need the sleep-in this morning. Remember lots of dreams, no details memorable. Had breakfast, then gathered up my library books, my book to read (the Disney bio), my coupons, a granola bar, and a small bottle of deodorant *, and was on my way: returned the books, got some cash, then stopped at the Austell Borders, since I'd gotten a nice sheaf of coupons yesterday due to the brake repair on the car and I have found myself enamored of the Robin Paige Victorian mysteries (read the first book between panels at Timegate). I was able to pick up one.

Also noticed the big map at the front of the store talking about how they are remodeling to provide more books and other items since they have reduced their movies and music sections. Looks like a bigger bargain book section and a "wellness center," a new area for biographies, etc.

Then tooled to Kaiser and had the mammogram (or as I referred to it to someone, having my breasts pressed). The tech was super-nice and the room was nice and cool (she said it was for ladies with hot flashes). Well, for those of you who haven't gone through the procedure, the positioning takes a certain bit of manipulation. At one point I was locked in the machine and she was very close in, positioning my arm, and I started getting that "oh, hell, I'm trapped!" feeling and for two seconds was ready to panic! I can't believe this. It's never happened during a mammogram. I've generally had positive experiences, except for the jerk in Macon, and that's because he was so offhand rather than it being painful. (There are apparently hundreds of women who won't go in for mammograms because they are afraid it will hurt. Honest to God, it's uncomfortable, but it never hurts...unless the technician doesn't know what he or she is doing.) The tech picked right up on it and let the glass plate up and made me sit down, even though the feeling passed the moment she moved away.

There's also a new thing where they put a little sticker with a tiny metal ball on it on the tip of each breast. The tech says it helps the doctor pinpoint the perimeter of the breast. Interesting.

Slipped out the back way to the freeway and went to the Borders at Town Center to get the next Robin Paige book. It wasn't on the shelf and I asked a gentleman stocking the shelves if he knew where it was, as it was listed as "likely in store." Well, he looked using his search function, and the book turned out to be on the cart he had! How funny!

I went into the back corner of the store where the CDs were kept and every single one was gone! Wow. I guess they sell too little music because of Ipods and all that. I really want my music on hard media, but I guess buying/downloading .mp3s is the modern thing. Maybe I am going to have to download any future Christmas music purchases from Amazon...

Oh, there was a car accident on Barrett Parkway two lanes away from the turn up to Borders. An Acura had banged into the back of a Ford Escape. The Escape had scratches on its bumper. The Acura had lost its front plastic bumper and the bumper under it, and the front of the car was all crumpled in! Wow, what a cheap front end!

Came home by BJs for gas. Must have gotten the slowest pump in creation. Thankfully it had clouded over and there was a nice breeze with a slight dampness in it. In fact, had there been a briny scent along with it, it would have been like a nice day at the shore.

Gah. Schuyler is watching Deal or No Deal, the world's most boring game show...

* Note to those who don't know: you can't wear deodorant when you have a interferes with the process.

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