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» Thursday, May 21, 2009
Out of Pocket
Trying to sleep without the A/C was hard, and a bit fruitless. It was warm, so I tried the sheet only. Woke up mid-sleep too cold. Of course by the time it was cool enough it was also time to get up. ::sigh::

James followed me to the NAPA tire place to have Twilight "shod," then we had breakfast at Waffle House and wandered around Big Lots for a bit. When we went back to pick up the car I was told my brakes were in bad shape.

This wasn't exactly a big surprise. The car's nearly five years old and is a few miles short of 50,000. It's been twice to Rhode Island and once to Washington, DC and once to Owensboro and once to Gatlinburg (where it was required to do an imitation of a mountain goat) and a couple of times to Helen and points north, and that doesn't count all those 56-miles-a-weekday trips. Naturally this requires a lot of brake work. So I left the car behind since they said they could finish the work by the end of the day.

We came back to the house so I could grab a coupon (which I ended up not using) and put the clothes in the washer. Then we went to the hobby shop for a while. I brought the Mouse with me, but ended up just reading Revolution at the Table. Then we went out to Merchants Walk after picking up a burger at Wendys. (Gah. What did they do to the burgers? Salt city!) Made a couple of stops, including Borders where I picked up a bargain book about the planets/stargazing.

Then we came home and no sooner had we sat down at our respective computers than they called to say the car was ready. We took Willow with us and she sat happily panting between us, her nose working like a rabbit's. So Twi has two pretty new tires and new brakes and I have lots of points toward more Borders coupons. I should have used my Amazon card; I only need 49 more points to get a $25 coupon.

On the way to the hobby shop we had stopped at Harry's for potatoes and slivered almonds. Oh, goody—cherries! cherries! cherries! We sampled the fruits and James picked up some barbecue brisket of beef, and we got little things we needed, like Romano cheese. So, after watching a couple of backlogged Ellen episodes, for supper I had the left-over pork chop from Tuesday with leftover rice-and-sauce and James had the brisket with mac-and-cheese. Watched the news and then Jeopardy. Maybe will watch this week's Wallander next.

The newscasters were bitching and whining about the weather today. It was nice, cloudy and breezy, even if it was in the low 70s. It drizzled briefly a couple of times, but nothing major to spoil anyone's fun.

But right now I'm going to take the clothes out of the dryer...

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