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» Saturday, May 09, 2009
On the Road
We drove down to Warner Robins today to visit James' mom for Mother's Day (James figured it would be easier to get into a restaurant today). As always, we planned to leave early, but we were up late last night loading some photos on the digital photo ornament we bought for Mom at Christmas, but forgot to bring her.

We never did find the Mother's Day card we bought last week. Sigh.

It was a nice day for a drive south: cloudy and cool. On the way down we stopped at the Tanger Outlet to go to the Corning/Revere store for more custard cups. They don't make the very small ones anymore, but all the Pyrex was buy two get one free, so instead of four I got six. We also found some new dinner plates. The dinner plates on my china set are 10" plates. The larger the plates the more you eat. We've been eating for years on the nice 8 1/2 inch Rubbermaid plates we had, but those had all broken but one. We found a stash of the nice plastic plates that you used to get in LeMenu dinners after Mom died. But those are breaking or getting warped. We found a nice 9 inch Corelle plate with an inset area, on sale 40 percent off and bought eight.

We'll just try not to drop them. Corelle doesn't break easily, but, oh, dear God, when they do...what a mess.

The downside to driving to Warner Robins on Saturday is that the traffic everywhere is appalling. So we tried to find a back way out of Tanger and ended up on a gravel road. Wasn't sure if we should turn around, then James asked the GPS unit to plot us back to the freeway. It worked, too: we emerged from the wilderness seven miles south at the Griffin exit.

Anyway, we had a nice visit. Took James' mom and sister to Applebees (with a stop at Walmart since I forgot to take my Prilosec this morning and I had none in my pouch). Almost too soon it was six o'clock and we had to make the return journey. The clouds had gone away by then and we had to ride most of the way with air conditioning. By the time we got to the city limits, though, we could go back on open air, which was a relief because I was falling asleep.

The privet, incidentally, is in full bloom, and the entire length of I-75 smells heavenly (unless you're stuck behind a truck!).

We arrived home to find two police cars searching for the people down the street. Apparently you can't escape these yahoos anywhere no matter where you live. These are the folks with the chihuahua that Willow chases out of our yard.

I have spent the evening watching backlogged Ellen DeGeneres Show episodes. Wow, the expectant moms in the audience made out: baby food, diaper bags, cameras, dishwashers, cribs, car seats, baby monitors, strollers, etc. One unemployed lady won a car.

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