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» Saturday, May 30, 2009
Oh, Cool!
We used one of our coupons and went to My Cousin Vinny's for supper. We hadn't been there in a while. They used to have a nice restaurant on the corner of US41 and Bells Ferry Road, but that closed several years ago and they reopened in a storefront near Town Center Road. The decor changed and the menu was greatly reduced, and after we went there once, we haven't gone back.

Tonight was quite nice, though. We had stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer, and James had a chicken/proscuitto/cheese concoction with a lovely wine sauce and I had shrimp linguini. Delicious and lots of shrimp. We both brought lunches home.

We also stopped at Borders. Too cool! There is a new American Girl: her name is Rebecca Rubin and she is growing up in New York of 1914 and wants to be in the movies. For once the whole set has come out at once. I'll have to check at Costco or BJs, where it might be cheaper.

Check out Cozy Nook for more Rebecca info and links.

We drove home with the setting sun mostly to our right. The air grew cool the moment the sun reached the horizon and it was lovely with the windows down and lights blossoming in homes and outside developments and in churches. This is my favorite time of day.

We stopped at Publix to see if they had the sugar-free cookies that Kroger has quit carrying (no dice), but did get some things on sale, including a nice London broil James will slice up for "steaklets" for Monday dinner. When we emerged the air was soft and dark. Haven't seen any fireflies yet, but it's getting to be that season.

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