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» Friday, May 22, 2009
The Grocery Gang
I slept in, and when I emerged from the bedroom James was nowhere to be found and neither was Willow. Odd. Maybe he'd just taken her out. But they're never out this long. Finally I intercommed James' hobby room. Gosh, he was down there and so was Willow. I guess she figured I was in bed and didn't need to be guarded. She usually won't stay down there.

Ah. I made oatmeal and she reappeared.

We went out to do the grocery shopping before the true madness that is Memorial Day weekend food purchasing. Still a lot of people stocking up on sodas and things. James had already made burgers for the cookout, but as we came in Kroger we saw pre-marinated chicken leg quarters of either some type of barbecue/spicy and sweet Bourbon. Yum! We can save the burgers. We also got a great closeout deal on razors that James likes, and I'm trying some lemon-lime syrup although I'm not holding out any hope it's as good as Zarex.

However, they had no chocolate yogurt and the sugar-free chocolate syrup James likes is only at Publix, so we crossed Macland and also went to Publix. Got the yogurt and syrup, and twofers on beans and green beans and a couple of other things. There on the shelf was some Dannon coffee yogurt! I grabbed one and am eating it now. Trouble is, it tastes like black coffee. I miss the Yoplait cafe au lait! I can't believe they ditched it and the chocolate mint and kept the chocolate raspberry. Raspberry. Yuk!

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