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» Saturday, May 16, 2009
Dub Dreams
Well, that was nice! Why can't I sleep like that during the night? At one point Willow was barking, and when I finally got up at 1:30, I saw that the deck was sopping wet. So it must have thundered and I didn't hear a thing (but Miss Wil you can always hear!).

I have had some oatmeal and some Mandarin oranges and feel a bit better. I'm just finishing my second What's My Line? dub. One of the guests was a Seneca Indian who designs Valentine cards and the mystery guest was Peter Lorre, plugging the film Scent of Mystery, which was the only fiction film, I believe, done in "Smell-O-Vision." (This was a very strange era in entertainment where television started stealing the box office profit from movies. The studios did everything they could to grab their audiences back, including widescreen movies—Cinerama, Cinemascope [two different processes, by the way], Todd-AO—and one of the strangest efforts was Smell-O-Vision, where the film was synched with equipment that sent different scents into the theatre. When an actor was smoking, you would smell a cigar, if the heroine was in a rose garden, you would smell roses, etc. Apparently it worked very badly and was a dismal failure.)

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