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» Saturday, May 30, 2009
Color Out and In
Oh, cool...Get Color is back on HGTV, except now it's called Colour Confidential. I love this show. This is the series with Jane Lockhart using the color wheel that draws a palette from the owners' interests. Even if I don't like the owners' style in decorating, the colors always come out looking superb.

(Ugh, now Candice Olsen is messing up a beautiful 1920s era house by putting in 1960s-type fixtures and new tile on the fireplace. And putting a desk in front of the radiator? Um, genius, it's going to block the heat and in the winter anyone working there is going to swelter—and if they're using a computer the heat is bad for it! And there she goes, like all the others, using books for decorations again. Books are for reading! They are not plant stands, focal points, lamp stands, candy dish holders, or anything else but books!)

Anyway, I have ironed my work clothes, vacuumed again, and gone about with a squirt bottle of peroxide attacking more spots on the carpet, especially those stupid Georgia red clay smears on the stairs. No matter how much you wipe your feet, especially when it's wet, or wear slippers outside to walk the dog, the damn stuff gets caught in the bottoms of your shoes and comes along.

When James gets home from his IPMS meeting we can go out to supper.

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