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» Saturday, May 16, 2009
A Cloudy Saturday Morning in May
James got up at some ridiculous hour to go to work today. The only positive to this is that he has Thursday off, then is taking Friday off for Timegate, and actually does have Monday off for Memorial Day. Wow. Five whole days off in a row. He doesn't know if he can stand it. LOL.

I slept better than last night, but still was a bit punch-drunk when I got up at 8:30 to go to the Farmer's Market. I had a meal bar and dragged myself rather reluctantly there. At least the weather was cooperating: there was a low, grey cloud cover and a nice breeze, although it was rather sticky for temps in the high 60s. The parking lot was crowded, but I managed to find a recently-vacated space, get my reusable Publix bag, and trudge across the railroad tracks to the part of the street that was blocked off.

Well, that explained the crowd: there was a 5K run for Tuberous Sclerosis going on. I thought for a moment that it was a small event for Cystic Fibrosis, since Great Strides is today, then saw the logo. Some of the runners actually just walked, and had little kids with them, and later there was a short race for the kids...the littlest ones were too cute.

Strolled about the Farmer's Market, had some samples (someday I am going to have to buy some of the energy bars from that one lady; she has a peanut butter chocolate bar that tastes almost like a Squirrel Nut, and probably a lot better for you, too!) and felt a little better, and bought a loaf of French bread, four ears of white corn, two cucumbers, and four of the nicest-smelling vine-ripe tomatoes you ever saw. When they're like this you can almost just eat them straight, like the fruit they are. Brings back all those September weekends when I had to help Mom preserve tomatoes for, that's a really warm memory that I can do without. LOL.

There was a veritable dog show going on at the market as people trotted companion animals beside them: beside the Greyhound Rescue and a sprinkling of mutts, there was a blue-merle collie puppy (still pudgy, but just ready to get to the leggy phase, with one blue eye and one brown), an Airedale, a boxer, a black-and-white Springer spaniel, a cocoa-colored standard poodle in natural coat (so he looked like a dog, not goofy), an elderly pug, a border collie, of course a couple of Labradors, and a darling little Skipperke. We ought to bring Willow one morning, but it will take both of us, as she will probably be hiding behind us due to being surrounded by "wolves."

Also bought a little treat for dessert before I left.

We get something called "Georgia Magazine" in the mail because we are a member of Cobb EMC for our electric power. This usually has things going on around the state. This month's issue had an article about farmer's markets across the state, another article about a working dairy farm that accepts visitors, and another one about a local bakery. I had never heard of the latter, which is on Whitlock Avenue near the Kroger and also has sandwiches along with pastries. So I came home by there to scope it out. Mmmm...smelled delightfully of sandwiches. I bought a couple of creme de menthe brownies for dessert (the treat I bought from the Farmer's Market will keep until tomorrow)—they are very small, which is perfect.

I came home through Cheatham Hill Road through the park and discovered another surprise: it's going to be closed at the same time the road near us will be, for the same thing, bridge repairs. What a pain—that's such a nice drive. So I enjoyed it: windows open, the radio playing 40s music—Artie Shaw with "Star Dust," Fats Waller's "Ain't Misbehavin,'" Fred Astaire doing "They Can't Take That Away from Me," "Scatter-Brain," Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington—perfect for a cool cloudy day in May. The privet is still in full bloom, overwhelming even the honeysuckle bushes that are also clotting the roadsides. What a sweet, sweet, dreamy scent.

But damn, I am still this time I am going to take a nap...

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