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» Sunday, May 03, 2009
Chilling Out...Almost
After yesterday's odyssey, much easier today: just a bit of grocery shopping/getting gasoline, and buying a newspaper. Came home, did a little ironing, watched a couple of What's My Line/To Tell the Truth pairs, plus Clark Howard and yesterday's Jeopardy, read my Yankee.

Just before dinner, we had a line of thunderstorms come stomping through. James arrived back in the house after taking Willow out just as the storm broke and blotted the power again. Of course I'd just reset all the clocks from the pinpoint blackout while we were out yesterday! It blew through with a furor that lasted less than a half hour, although the television coverage of the storm progress lasted for quite a while. There were several photos of tornado-like clouds west of us, and the news tonight is showing downed trees, one through the roof of a bank.

Had Asian grilled chicken salad for supper and finally watched the last of The Librarian television films: Curse of the Judas Chalice. Still no redeeming social value. Still fun. Stana Katic, now Detective Beckett on Castle, was in this entry. The SFX weren't quite up to the original film, but there were some good moments. Not to mention the revelation about Judson (Bob Newhart) at the end.

And Noah Wyle is always cute. :-)

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