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» Friday, May 01, 2009
Booked Solid
The subheading for this entry is: "I Only Went Into Borders To Buy Something for Colin!"

This was the East Cobb store; they usually have a good selection of books. Well, dang it, they are having another of their remainder sales: books for either $3.99 or $5.99. And there were some great books, too.

I also stopped at Hancock Fabrics. James is looking for those thin cotton gloves. Not snow gloves or dress gloves, these light cotton loose-weave type things. I have usually seen these in use for handling quilts (to keep the skin oil off the fabric) or in museums to handle antiques. Oh, and I've seen them used to handle jewelry. So I thought Hancock Fabrics might have them. They referred me to online, or a hobby store! (Anyone know where you get these?)

The other reason I was out at East Cobb was to stop at Trader Joe's. I wanted to get more chicken apple sausage and also more of the wonderful Triple Nuts & Flakes cereal that I have fallen in love with. By this time it was going on two, so I bought a bowl of their chicken noodle soup and a baguette.

Made the mistake of stopping by the Parkway Pointe Borders on the way home. Oh, goodness, more good stuff—including a nice hardback version of one of my favorite books, The Phantom Tollbooth! I was just able to record the film off TCM a few months ago—but the book is much, much better.

Which explains why I am sitting here now, at 3:35, just eating lunch—hey, this is good soup! especially with a piece of baguette "zooped" in it—and watching Ellen's 1000th show.

Oh, yeah, the books:
Three gifts for James
One for Ken
One for Emma
One for someone I haven't decided yet

• Six Golden Guides (of course the one I wanted most, about Trees, wasn't on sale! I got Birds, Butterflies and Moths, Rocks Gems and Minerals, Seashells of the World, The Sky Observer's Guide, Wildflowers)
• Bread and Roses, Too, a Katherine Paterson YA novel about the labor movement
• The Lost Blogs, a humor book, blog entries of historical people.
• Last year's Farmer's Almanac, which still has good advice
• We Band of Angels, about the American nurses on Bataan
• The Mislaid Magician, which is the third novel in the "Sorcery and Cecelia" cycle...I bought the original book years ago, when it was labeled a fantasy book; it's been republished as a young adult and given birth to sequels; they're basically Regency romances with fantasy elements
• Don't Eat This Book, the sequel to Supersize Me
• The Boston Italians, which I've toyed with buying for a while; author is Stephen Puleo, whose book about the Great Molasses Disaster (Dark Tide) I already have
• Black Potatoes, YA nonfiction with engravings from the era about the Irish Potato Famine
• Don't Throw It Out, a Yankee book about preserving what you have and recycling
• Last year's Birnbaum's Disney World book, which is definitely wishful thinking at this time—we haven't been to WDW since 1989!
• A new Atlas, finally! Mine was from the 1970s.
• Christmas Sucks—yeah, weird me, the Christmas lover, buying a book with this title, but actually it is about what you can do to get around the things about Christmas that do suck (overspending, manic shoppers, etc.) to have an enjoyable holiday season
and with my 40 percent off coupon, something I've been longingly looking at: Women's Letters, from the Revolutionary War to the Present, a collection of both famous and ordinary people

Plus I also found the new Yankee—yay!

Incidentally, I did get Colin's gift...LOL!

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