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» Thursday, May 28, 2009
Blah, Books and Blurbs
It's just been a blah day. After getting a lot done yesterday, today seemed a hard slog. Did meet my new team lead yesterday; she's nice. We had a funny branch meeting today. Got an order done. Sorted attachments to order.

Yep, blah.

My books from Amazon did come: a bio of Walt Disney and another of Laura Ingalls Wilder, both which have gotten smash reviews. I also got the newest Sarah Brandt/Frank Malloy Victorian mystery in hardback because I'd intended to buy it next week in paperback for $8...the hardback was only $6 on Amazon.

My credit card bills came and it turns out I now have $25 in Amazon credit. Yay.

I also ordered two books via Amazon Vine. These are free as long as I review them. Cool, eh? Got a story of an American girl in Africa and also a World War I story. I thought I could get another, but couldn't. Had I known I would have given up one or the other, as the one I wanted (about a lost archaeological artifact) sounded really good.

Once in a while I surf the television for new channels; today I was revolving around "All Subscribed" when I came again upon the Reel Channel. It's movies and movie review shows. Discovered At the Movies, the remnant of what was the original Siskel and Ebert series, runs here. They had a nice review of the new Night at the Museum film, and now Leonard Maltin is talking about underrated films on a show called Secret's Out. The next show is supposed to have a trailer from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

[Later: re preview: zoweeeee!]

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