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» Sunday, November 28, 2004
Sweets and Holiday Treats
This vacation has been one of glorious days interrupted by rain. Today was one of the rainy days, but the deluge didn't start until afternoon. We had planned to go out before it began raining, but I got a great surprise: an old school friend dropped in! She lives in Virginia now, but was visiting her parents for Thanksgiving and walked over this morning. Willow discovered she was a good dog scratcher after barking at her, but that's not strange because Cindy's had dogs all her life. We talked about various things, including our 30th high school class reunion which she attended last night. She joked that she thought she'd walked into someone else's reunion; who were all these grey-haired people?

It was just starting to rain when we finally got out; it was pretty stormy, which accounts for why we missed our destination several times (one wrong turn and one time going directly past it). This was Wright's Dairy Farm, which we had seen on Food Finds on the Food Network. It is a working dairy farm and they also have a bakery. Well, I haven't seen a good bakery in a dog's age; the rare places around us have a few insipid slices of yellow cake clogged with sugary frosting alongside limp cupcakes and soggy pastries and that's about it. The showcases here were full of goodies: cheesecake, cannoli, cream cakes, Bismarcks, and more, and also muffins. I went a bit crazy. James got German chocolate cake, I got a chocolate cake with cream interstices, Mother got two chocolate cannoli, then I bought three cream puffs for each of us (cream puffs with white cream! richness!), and also three muffins and three eclairs for Mother to share.

On the way back we stopped at Border's. I had a 15 percent off coupon and three $5 certificates, so I got some local interest books and also a copy of It's a Wonderful Christmas, which is a delightful collection of old advertisements and memorabilia from 1940 through 1965.

We watched Masterpiece Theatre tonight as they were doing a recent British production of Pollyanna. I had read some reviews of this production that said they thought it was better thant the Disney film because it played more closely to the book, which it did, but I still enjoy the Disney version. Changing the setting to England was fine, but I really thought the subplot with Tim the handyman and his love of motorcars was foreshadowing the ending a bit too much!

While Pollyanna was on, I helped Mother put up her little Christmas tree. The string of lights was very long and a bit daunting (the lights never have been my favorite part of putting up the tree), but it was finally fixed and the tree decorated and the manger scene put up.

Speaking of Masterpiece Theatre, we ended up staying up very late last night watching their presentation of Bertie and Elizabeth, a dramatization of the marriage and reign of George VI, who inherited the throne of England after his brother, Edward VIII, abdicated to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson. Neither of the two latter people were portrayed very complimentarily! I wonder if Queen Elizabeth had any input in the portrayal, as they were her parents and she was also shown in various stages of her life.