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» Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Railing Against the "Pink Aisle" Boy Toys is a reprint of one of his 1991 columns; depressingly, it still holds true today. The "Disney Princesses" line gives me hives. Oooh, goody, there's nothing better for a woman to do than put on a gorgeous gown and pretty shoes and get a man.

I hated dolls. I would have tossed Barbie out the window. The only doll I did like was my Penny Brite doll, because she was posable. She came in a red "Annie" type dress; with my poor seamstress skills I made her a sleeveless top and a pair of pants, then set her astride one of my Breyer horses so she could go out and have real adventures, not stay home and serve tea or go to a party. (Although she couldn't get there very fast: I wanted one of the Breyer stallions, the ones that were rearing up or trotting or doing something. Instead I got stuck with two mares, who were just standing there. Yawn.)

Sorry. Still annoyed that I never got Tinkertoys or Legos because my aunts whined that those were boys toys. (Okay, I have to be honest--I didn't get Tinkertoys because one of my aunts actually did put her eye out with a stick when she was a little girl--in my family "don't run with that stick in your hand" was an actual fear.) I did get Lincoln Logs one year but there wasn't much creativity in a small container of them. One of the reasons I loved kindergarten so much was the wonderful building sets we had. Oh, and the big Britains farm set. We kids used to fight to be first at the table where the barn and house and animals were set up.