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» Saturday, November 20, 2004
Off on the Road to ... Virginia
Your roving correspondents here...greetings from Chantilly, Virginia.

We started out from home at 7am after about five hours sleep, which made it a bit difficult later in the day, but we managed. I'd already mostly loaded the car yesterday afternoon, so all we had to put in was the cameras and the laptop, and then the animals. Pidge, not six months old and sitting in a 12x10x10 cage carry box, coped pretty well. The thermometer I bought at REI didn't work, so it was hard to gauge when he was going to get overheated without it happening and his raising his wings. Willow got put in the car last because, as always, she was nearly hysterical thinking she was (a) going to be left behind and then (b) going to "dog camp." she finally cottoned to the trip more when we stopped for lunch and she got to eat a plain Wendy burger at a picnic table.

The weather was uniformly cloudy or rainy. This wasn't too bad except when we went through a "gap" on I-77 which literally did climb into the clouds. If it had been sunny we would have had some beautiful views. It started to steadily drizzle when we got to Manassas, so we had to find our hotel in the rain.

We are staying in a studio room: a wonderfully compact room, tiny living room and kitchenette, bath and a big closet. Pidge got loose when I transferred him from carry box to cage and flapped about the room until he lost his breath and then was duly and happily transferred into his cage, where he began to burble to his cuttlebone the moment he turned the TV on. Willow is still wandering about the room looking askance at everything.

We're pooped. We now understand how parents traveling with their kids feel carrying the changes of clothing, the stroller, the playpen, the toys... :-)

There's a Metro station nearby so tomorrow we're planning to take it into the city and see the new World War II memorial and other things on the Mall.

(PS: We noticed several Russell Stover candy outlets on the way up and stopped at one right near I-77 to pick up some sugarless dark chocolate and other diabetic goodies.