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» Wednesday, November 17, 2004
The Neverending Repair
Drove nicely home yesterday. This morning I backed out of the driveway (which is about on a 30° slope), put the car in drive...and nothing happened. If I pressed the accelerator, it just revved as if it were in neutral. Puzzled, I shifted to neutral then back to drive. Still revving. By this time I was just a tad perturbed about being stuck in the middle of the street, since motorists seem to use our street as a cut-through to the traffic light.

I shifted the car down into third gear (I guess it's third gear; it has a three on it--all my other cars have had a "2" in this position) and it finally "caught." I put it back into drive and thereafter had no more problems, even doing the usual "Atlanta 500" at speeds approaching 80 mph.

So, understandably ticked off (especially since they assured me the transmission was untouched by the force of the collision), I gave the shop a call. Body Shop Guy tells me that because the car was disconnected from the battery for so long, the computer-driven transmission probably needed to be...well, in a word, "rebooted." {wry grin} BSG said if I took the car by on the way home they could probably get it right up on the machine and resynched.

I love my computer, but boy, sometimes I wish things were all-mechanical again...