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» Friday, November 12, 2004
Latest Car Update
If not today, Monday "fer shure." Apparently when the car was shoved against the curb the axle near the right rear wheel was bent very slightly. You couldn't tell anything was wrong when you drove the car, but it failed the alignment test when they put it on the machine. So they ordered a new rear axle and are trying to install it today. Unfortunately Chrysler had a power steering problem recall on one of their models (not the PT) and the service department is backed up replacing them.

I'm not surprised at all the damage done: the SUV that hit me looked, that morning anyway, the size of an elephant and was probably going at least 30-40 mph because there's no stop sign at the end of that driveway. People zip around the roads around the buildings here insanely fast. We have a particular problem at my own building because people use our driveway as a shortcut to the building where they hold training. Especially between eight and eight-thirty, when people are on their way to class (training starts at eight-thirty), cars tend to dash through there in a hurry. As much as I loathe speed bumps, maybe it's time to slow the speed demons.