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» Wednesday, November 10, 2004
It's an "Ill" Wind
What a lovely anniversary present: we both have colds! I've been spoiling for this for a couple of days, but was trying to hold out until Thursday, since I have the day off anyway. But this morning I figured it wasn't really safe driving at 75 mph on the freeway when your eyes won't focus due to four hours sleep between coughing jags. [wry grin]

On the other hand James enjoyed his anniversary presents: David Weber's newest Honor Harrington novel--actually, it's "the Next Generation," as its the story of her protégés, the two new Hallmark airplane Christmas ornaments, and the DVD The Dam Busters, about the famous British raid during World War II.

He bought me the stuffed "baby Kimba" I loved so much at DragonCon, plus an IOU on a trip to Media Play (or perhaps waiting till next Tuesday when Foul Play is released).

One of the advantages of being home was being able to call my mom...she'd just gotten home from her third day of new radiation treatments. She has to have them for thirty weekdays in a row (she gets to skip tomorrow and Thanksgiving). They made a mask for her face so that only the spot next to her eye is exposed and she has something that fits in her eye so that is not damaged.

I remember all the care she took of her face--always treating it at night with Deep Magic so her skin would always be soft and nice. Now the cancer is creeping from her scalp to her face, destroying all that meticulous work.